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Presented by Marco - June 25th, 2002

First recap of all members:

Professor Aximli aka Prof. AX- has no power, he's our chaufeur.

ArchAngel (SF)- Tyler's angels reject

Gambit (marco)- throws papercut-hazourdous playing cards at bad guys

Aquaman (animan)- he's our waterboy but we felt sorry for him so he got a superhero name

Storm (ukani)- has a portable fan and a staticy sweater

Cyclops (jeff)- came for free sunglasses

Iceman (Tyler)- holds the cooler.

Now onto.....

Saving the World! Sort Of. pt.1

In the Ax-mansion (Ax's basement).

Prof Ax: Okay guys and girl. Your training is over, and you can truly beat the living crap out of Tyler's angels now! Oh...and save the world!

All: Muahahahahaha

Prof: okay! let's get going into the Ax-car! And save more people then those angels!

The Professor gets into the car but the car blows up.

Gambit: Yes! The car bomb plan worked!

Storm: Now we don't have to save the world!

Iceman: Whew, i was scared there for a second. We almost had to HELP people!

ArchAngel: Now we can change our team name!

Gambit: No, let's keep it to honour the professor. Plus i got no better rip-off name than the Ax-men.

Aquaman: Good point.

ArchAngel: quiet you! Get me some water!

As the mean Aquaman gets Archangel some water, Iceman is now pondering what to do next.

Iceman: what he said. What do we do next?

Gambit: We could try and make a difference and prove the the people that we are as righteous as the Tyler's angels.

All: ::blinks::


Gambit: Yea i know, but seriously, what do we do?

Storm: Let's go clubbin!

All: Yea!

Aquaman: But you guys blew up the car when you blew up the professor.

Iceman: damn! we buy a new Ax-car!

Gambit: Who do you think we are? Hard working class people? No, we're gonna steal a car!

Dun dun dun dun......

What car will they steal? Be sure to read the next issue!