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dispatched this week to 433 people, it's...

                      ~ weekly ~
                       ISSUE #100
           WEEK OF MAY 14, 2000

                 <HI EVERYONE!>
Wow! 100 issues, this is so great! The newsletter is actually late and the  101 issue will be sent on Sunday! The email you are reading right now, is  the 100th issue of Animorphs Weekly Newsletter! Can you believe it? I never  expected for it to last this long, but I'm glad it has. Thank you to all AW  members for making AW come all this way. 100 is a milestone in everything,  age, TV shows, magazines, books and I'm so excited to reach issue 100 of AW  Newsletter! What'll happen between the next 100 issues (if I get that far)?  Who knows, but the only way to find out is to read on…

Last week's forum: what has been your favorite issue or idea of AW (if you  can remember)?
Thanks to Laura and Steph for sending theirs in!

"I really liked the one, I don't remember what issue it was, but it had an  animal border on it."
- Laura

"uh... I don't know. Maybe the first one I got? I think it #82 or something.  I can't remember, lol."
-Steph :-)

This week's forum is: what would you say is making Animorphs decline?
Please send your responses to me at with "forum"  as the subject.

Last week's poll question was: what other book series do you read? 2099, Everworld, Watchers, any other?

Everworld  10
Watchers  1
2099        1
Roswell High  1
Harry Potter  1
Replica  1

This week's poll question is: what issue range do you think (or know) was  your first AW issue?
10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s
Please send in your poll response to me with "poll" as the subject. Thanks!

- The day I finish Megamorphs #4, is the day I bought #42! Yup, I have #42  and I may post a review next week! Last week you got my review of #41, now  here's my review for Megamorphs #4 Back to Before with no spoilers!:

Megamorphs #4 is a great book! It has a lot of action, thrill, excitement  and even some sadness. Back to Before was not written by any ghostwriter, and it shows. This book was just so well written by K.A., you just knew this  was all her. K.A. has a style no one can take! MM #4 was planned out very  well and is better than any ghost written book recently released. It wasn't  confusing and had the same great point of view like the first two  Megamorphs. The characters were good too, I was glad that Cassie wasn't  worried too much about fighting and killing as in past books, Rachel wasn't  as "Xena" either. But I didn't like how the Drode portrayed Cassie as a freak of nature. The book has a great story line that really works well. K.A. did an excellent job of writing it. It was great that the kids found  other ways out of trouble because they had no morphing power and couldn't  morph (like when Rachel and Marco were cornered). It was always morph and  escape, but it was actually fun that they couldn't morph, it was unique from  other books. Megamorphs #4 is better than the last three MM and even better  than #22 and 38! I had fun reading it because it wasn't boring at all, it  was non-stop greatness and never slowed down. But it's sad that in reality,  the book never really happened. It's still great!

By the way, #42 The Journey has 139 pages and 25 chapters. The Animorphs  shrink to a size smaller than a Helmacron's boot! Marco also narrates a  couple chapters in the book and Emily Costello ghostwrote #42.

- Here's news thanks to Morphz: First, #46 will be called The Deception, this is the book where Visser Two tries to create a war. And here's the cover of the Animorphs Playstation game, Shattered Reality: and a new screenshot of the game, Jake in rhino morph attacking a Hork-Bajir:
And finally news about the Animorphs Game Boy Game! The graphics aren't that great, you can see them here (, and here's the news on it:
Developer: Ubi Soft,  Genre: Action, Origin: U.K., Number of Players: 1, Release September 2000

- Animorphs is on the list for the most sold books of 1999! For Hardcovers,  "Visser" was the 23 most sold hardcover book, checking in at 178,000 copies.  As for paperback, 14 Animorphs books were on the Bestsellers of 1999 list.  Here they are:
39. #26: The Attack (270,000 copies sold)
47. #30: The Reunion (243,000)
48. #29: The Sickness (238,000)
50. #35: The Proposal (235,000)
51. #32: The Separation (235,000)
52. #31: The Conspiracy (234,000)
53. #36: The Mutation (233,000)
54. #28: The Experiment (231,000)
55. Megamorphs #3: Elfangor's Secret (231,000)
57. #33: The Illusion (228,000)
58. #34: The Prophecy (227,000)
59. Alternamorphs: The First Journey (219,000)
63. #27: The Exposed (198,000)
65. The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (193,000)

- The Official Site will update with a large #43 cover soon, but in the meantime here is's larger cover!:

- Paulo Costanzo who played Ax on the Ani TV show is in the summer movie  Road Trip with Tom Green and he has a pretty big role in it too, the movie  is currently out in theatres! (Thanx to Jay Brandon for pointing it out!)

A new section for this week only is Flashback! I had this idea during the  beginning of the week. What this section is basically about is things that  have been written in past issues of AW! Starting first with past hellos.  These are the introduction paragraphs that are at the start of each issue!

AW #37:
Friday is Christmas (wow, Dec. went fast)!! Yes, AW DOES work during the  Christmas holiday to give you all the best Animorphs news!! This is my  Christmas present to you, AW #39, Merry Christmas!! Some of you might be on  vacation, which reminds me. During the second week of January, I will be on  vacation. I'll be gone for 5 days (see the Poll section for more on that).  About last week's newsletter, I just want to say that there was NO Forum and  Trivia question, I get very excited about sending AW early and forgot to put  trivia and forum questions. I'm sorry, for any confusion. Fan Fic is now officially an AW section!! Read on . .

AW #40:
I'm sending AW super late this week because I'm back from my one-week  vacation. A lot of you emailed me telling me they didn't get AW last Sunday,  well remember, on Tuesday January, 19 I'm sending out issue #41, and finally  on the 24 and 31 of Jan., I'll send out issues #42 and #43. Recently,  Andagorilla held a contest on his web page that is now over. It was called  FANA (First Animorph Network Awards). AW entered in the Best Club section  and got the silver award!!! Yes, AW came second among the four that were  nominated!! AW got 21 new members while I was on vacation (thanks to  Nothlit)!! On with AW, we have a new section that I know you are going to  love and that no other newsletter has and lots of really great info!!!. .

AW #50:
It's AW's 50 issue and First Anniversary!!! It's been one year since AW #1 was sent and I never knew it would be this successful. I would like to thank everybody who is an AW member, YOU are what makes AW successful!! AW now has over 400 members, and the 400 member is: gaba11gaba!! I have a great newsletter for you, the best ever, full of so many exclusives and enormously great info and surprises in this super special Megamorphs of an AW issue!! Please vote for AW in the favorite mailing list contest (I'm on the bottom of the list):
OH, and if you see a movie in the theaters in your free time, see Doug's First Movie!!

AW #55:
After a two week delay, AW #55, has finally arrived!! The only people  reading this, are the people who have sent in their email address, so they  know all about the virus I had in my computer. You guys have been so nice,  sending in your email address you have said "Sorry about your computer." and  "Why would someone send you a virus?" and good luck wishes, it's been great,  tell everyone you know that I need their email address in order for their AW  issues to continue being sent to them. I have a lot of great news as well as  bad as you will find out while you read.

Now some forum and poll questions that have been asked in past issues!

AW #59: Forum: which Animorphs book do you think is the worst and WHY??
Poll: Do you think #30 The Reunion was ghostwritten?

AW #65: Poll: was the Sanctuary worth the $5 you paid to get in?
Forum: If you could spend one day with K.A. Applegate, what would you say  and do?  Where would you go, etc.?

AW #68: Poll: Where do you get most of your Animorphs info?
Forum: for this week, it's a free topic Forum…

AW #77: Poll: have you bought any type of Animorphs merchandise?
Forum: do you want a third season of the Animorphs TV show? Why or why not?

AW #80: Poll: do you want an Animorphs movie for the big screen?
Forum: what do you think about world peace, can it be reached? How?

AW #85: Poll: have you kind of lost interest in Animorphs?
Forum: what do you want to see less of in AW?

Now some facts on AW you may have never known:
Did you know?
- it usually takes me one day to write an issue, then two more days to
gather information!
- when AW first started it only had 6 members!
- I got the idea for AW while lying in my bed!!
- AW has gotten me in trouble a few times with homework!
- I have thought of having a break with AW before…
- I could have started a business with AW.
- sometimes, it is REALLY hard to make up a forum and poll question.
- AW #1 was sent out when Animorph book #17 came out!
- I got a BOOST of new members when an ad for AW came up in Pam's  newsletter.
- AW is really the ONLY Animorphs newsletter on the net that has everything!
- Only two other people have once been the editor of an issue of AW (Noah  and Nothlit).
- There have been three special issues of AW and one Megamorphs Weekly and  two two-part issues!
- I can't think of any more AW facts!!
- the AW newsletter hotmail email address was first used to send out AW issue #46!

Hope you enjoyed this new section for the week! Send in your comments!

About AG's comment...
"I'm not sure which book it is, but I also know that they've mentioned Bill  Gates (you can't go around ignoring Bill Gates when talking about  computers). So while WAA and Joe Bob Fenstre may not be *exact* duplicates  of AOL, it's possible that KA based WAA on AOL and Joe Bob on it's creator  and then messed up, or decided WAA needed a competitor, when she wrote in  that David's computer used AOL."
-- Forlay

In #20 The Discovery, David's email system has been confirmed to be AOL.  ALSO, K.A.'s personal email address is also an AOL account, coincidence?

#41 The Familiar went up one to 85 from last week at 86.
Megamorphs #4 also went up to 91 from 93 last week.

The first AW site:
The new site address is not working as of right now so I can't give you a preview, sorry.

Thanks for reading! Send all your comments, forum, polls or any information  to me at Thanks again and see 'ya next week!
- Guillermo

"Oh bad, oh bad, oh bad, bad, bad!"
- Keesha from The Magic School Bus

"Stupid humans!"
-Terl (John Travolta) in Battlefield Earth