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                       ~ weekly ~
                        ISSUE #112
            WEEK OF AUGUST 20, 2000

                  <HI EVERYONE!>
It’s the second last week of summer for me, I don’t want it to end but all good things must come to an end. Bad news, August is almost over and I STILL don’t have #45, no review yet. But there is a review of another book in News…!

Last week's forum: Imagine that the Andalites send down another battleship, but only to rescue Ax. What do you think Ax should do? Should he go back to his home planet?

“Yes, I think Ax should definately go back to his own planet because he is really no help to the Animorphs, plus I think he's a really boring character. Plus, he doesn't really fit in with humans, and what happens when the Animorphs are all grown up?  Ax should leave.”
- Andrew

“ok, i don't think Ax would, he would tell then that Jake is his Prince, and he is until Jake dies. Of course then the Andalite would try to kill Jake... HEY! that'd be a cool fan-fic! ~looks around for Forlay~ now, where did the fic writer go....(no offence to the other fic writers! she's just the one i happen to know!)”
- AG

“I think Ax should stay to help his friends. He grew close to them, and is finally getting used tohuman customs. He might look out of place to the Andilites or something.”
- Allie

“Hmmm. Ya know, that's an interesting question, even if it was from the OS.
I don't think Ax would go with them, but I'm not sure. He might like to be with his people again, but if you think about it, he'd never really fit in again. He's been on Earth too long. (As he said: I would miss Saturday morning cartoons.") It seems that Andalites are pretty big on duty, so I doubt they could could talk them into joining the fight. But if they did something to their ship...Well, that would leave them with no choice. Not totaly destroy it, just disable it. Maybe save the weapons, because those could come in handy. Allies are apparently hard to find, so even though messing up their ship wouldn't be nice, gaining a few allies is always better than losing Ax, know?
BTW, Thanks for the newsletter, Guillermo! This is my first time getting it, and I think it's great!”
- Amelie

“I think Ax should stay with the animorphs, they are his true friends.”
- Sabrina!

“NO! he can't go. It'd make him very evil! well... okay, not really. But you get what I mean! Sort of... he shouldn't go 'cause it would totally mess up the stories. a very evil thing to do, by the way. hehe.”
- Steph :-)

“After reading the books, and Ax's confrontations with other Andalites, it's pretty safe to bet he would stay with his 'family', the Animorphs.  Ax seems to have attached himself to them, and they have become his family.  He's also beginning to realize that the Andalite's aren't as great as he always thought, and hoped.  He knows, deep inside, that they arn't the hero's of the universe, and he can't really relate to them as much anymore.

But, I would be willing to bet money that this question will become a plot line to one of the final books. The Andalites come, and Ax has to chose between going home, and staying.  KAA may surprise us, she has before, but I really think he'll stay on Earth.”
- Tyler

This week's forum question is: now that the Animorphs are going through changes, what song do you think is appropriate acting as a theme?

Last week's poll question was: would you say Animorphs has given you any lessons?

Yes     4
Sort of   2
Not really  2

This week's poll question is: do you think the cover morph to #48 The Return is Rachel to Bald Eagle or something else?
Please send in your poll response to me at with "poll" as the subject. Thanks!

Not much news again this week:
- Something very cool has come with book #45, a free demo CD of the Animorphs PC game! The full version of the game is coming out in 10 days! Here’s the full scoop thanks to Julie and Morphz:

- Thanks to Aninews Experience there’s new information on merchandise, the Animorphs kites!
Kite One: (Larger Kite) The background is black and Jake is half morphed into a tiger in one of the corners.
Kite Two: (Smaller Kite) It has Tobias’ eyes in the center. Also a black background.

The kites around found at K-mart. The smaller of the two is 42". The larger one, is 52". The price is unknown at this time. Pictures of the kites can be found here:

- Well I finished book 3 of the Harry Potter series early last week. I know this is an Animorphs newsletter, but since I’ve already posted my review of the last two books, I might as well post a review for the third book. So here we go, my review (with a very minor spoiler) of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Prisoner of Azkaban is a really great book. J.K. has done it agin! The book is so great, the writing is fantastic and the way it’s written is great! It is planned out so well. The new characters are written and done geniously, I just loved them. J.K. makes them so likeable. The new magical objects that were created for this book were created so well, I couldn’t believe it. J.K. has an amazing mind, so full of imagination and creativity. I loved reading #3, the plot was so organized and twisted in the right moment (my mouth dropped when I learned about Scabbers and the werewolf, never saw that one coming). But that is what makes the book so exciting! The style was different from book 1 and 2, and I was glad. Although I thought book 1 was better and more exciting, “Prisoner” is definitely better than “Chamber” and has more surprises than the first book. I had fun reading “Prisoner”, it was really great. And I CANNOT wait to read “Goblet of Fire”.

- It has been confirmed that the release date of the Animorphs Game Boy Color game has been pushed back to October 3 instead of September.

#44 The Unexpected has moved up a bit on the charts again, this week rising to 103 from 105 last week.

#45 should appear on the charts next week.

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Thanks for reading! Send your comments, forum, polls and any information to me at Thanks again and see 'ya next week!
- Guillermo

“I’m not a guy … Messy, I’m not a messy guy!”
- Doug Funnie “Doug’s Dream House”