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sent to 419 people this week, it's the .…
                        ~ weekly ~
                         ISSUE #114
           WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 3, 2000
                   <HI EVERYONE!>
On Tuesday, the horror begins…. I have to return to
school. Oh well, it’s been an awesome summer full of
memories and I hope yours was too. Now read on for
this weeks awesome newsletter with great news!!
Last week's forum: What’s your review of #45 The
Revelation? All reviews that contain spoilers have
been marked.
“i think it was the best book in a LONG time, it's
kinda sad that Marco had to give up his life, but i'm
glad that his dad knows! Him "inventing" Z-Space was a
big shock to me! and here seems to be some trace of
Marco's humor in it.... so i really liked it a lot...
what? did you really expect a huge review from ME?”
- AG
“My review of 45? It was funny, sad, hysterical, and
everything Animorphs should be, even unexpected,
although the purpose of the book was spoiled by
someone on the MZ message board. But this is truly the
best book since MM4, and I CAN'T WAIT FOR
- zeahorse
“I loved 45. It's as good as I thought it would be.
It's worth being all hyped up about. I'm not going to
say any spoilers, but oh, the facts! The facts! The
wonderful things that happened! This book made my Top
10 in a heartbeat! ~drools~ I. Love. This. Book! This
book is a 9.9/10 cause it was a little rushed in some
parts. Now I'm dying for 46! I hate cliffhangers!”
- Rachias
“Well, I thought that #45 was, well, okay.  It wasn't
that great, because basically it was spoiled through and Scholastic.  They gave away the best
parts!  I mean, obviously if Marco told his dad about
the Animorphs, they'd have to go into hiding and his
step-mom would be controlled.  The part I didn't know
was about his real mom being freed, but that wasn't
very thrilling.  Also, with the Andalites coming back,
I think reading about the Andalites are extremely
boring, so I think I'll be bored with #46.  So, #45
was all right, but it wasn't so excellent, unlike the
best book I've ever read.”
- Andrew
“D'oh! i havent read it yet. dang bookstore is filling
up the animorphs space with Baby Sitter's Club! oi!”
- Steph
This week's forum question is: What title would you
give the final Megamorphs book (#5), why?
Last week's poll question was: should there be an
Alternamorphs #3?
Thanks to everyone who sent in their poll responses!!
Yeah!     2
Maybe…    1
No way!     9
This week's poll question is: if Jake had died, who
would be the Animorphs leader then?
Please send in your poll response to me at with "poll" as the subject.
Got some GREAT news this week!
- Thanks to Nothlit at TNGtA, we now know the title to
book #49 where Tobias possibly meets his mother,
Loren! The title of the book is The Diversion and
Tobias may morph a German shepherd on the cover. Great
title! I guess it refers to whoever Tobias meets!
There’s also a brand new summary of the book:
The Yeerks have come up with a new plan to gain hosts.
It  involves diverting subway systems directly to the
Yeerk pool. It's just could work. Tobias and the other
Animorphs have to stop it. There's only one problem.
Someone from Tobias's past has shown up. Someone he
was close to. And she's not what he expected....
- Second thanks to Nothlit, we have the first images
of the CD case and the CD itself of the Animorphs PC
game demo that came with book #45!
- A third thanks to Nothlit, when #47 The Resistance
comes out next month it’ll be displayed in a cool #47
display at bookstores!
- The cover to #48 The Return shows itself, and it is
definately intiguing.
Here are my thoughts on what exactly that thing is.
She's got those blades coming out of her fingers and
she’s very buff. Her arm seems to be very buff with
muscles compared to the arm she started with. She also
seems to have muscles on her abs and her legs are
bigger too. Maybe she's morphing into a Mutant Rachel!
But I think maybe this means she doesn't actually
morph whatever she is (like on the cover of #13, 19
and 41). She just changes into it, it does look mean
though! It’s possible that Crayak has something to do
with this mutant. Maybe Crayak has interfered with
Rachel’s body in some way. We’ll know when the book
comes out in November.
- Although I checked my computer store and didn’t find
the game, I did find a very big image of the box of
the PC game:
Maybe the game will come out on Sep. 6 as said by
- Instead of having 266 pages (which we knew wasn’t
true), The Ellimist Chronicles will have 204 pages!
- Thanks to AG, there's a new series on Disney called
“In a Heartbeat” and it stars Shawn and Chris, two of
the main characters of the Animorphs TV show. The show
just aired it’s first episode last week. AG comments,
“it's really weird looking at their new charaters
'cause Shawn likes this Rachel type girl and Chris
looks SO different!”
- I FINALLY saw X-Men this past Friday and I have to
say it wasn an EXCELLENT movie, really, really good!
Shawn Ashmore was pretty good in the movie, he didn’t
have a lot of lines (like my sister said), but he did
play an important part in the movie (and he got to act
beside Anna Paquin, that lucky duck)!
#45 The Revelation is on the books this week at number
70 from 196!
This is a HUGE jump and means the book is selling very
well! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Animorphs book
in a position under 100! It’s no surprise the book is
selling so well!!
#44 The Unexpected is off the charts.
The Morphers
Thanks for reading! Send your comments, forum, polls
and any information to me at
Thanks again and see 'ya next week!
- Guillermo
“Welcome to Mutant High.”
- Bobby (Shawn Ashmore) in X-Men
ANIMORPHS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER #114 is copyright (c) 2000
by Guillermo Larocca (, NO