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                        ~ weekly ~
                         ISSUE #115
           WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 10, 2000

                   <HI EVERYONE!>
School is actually going OK for me, so that’s pretty
good! Now, with all the message cracking on Morphz,
there’s some GREAT summary info this week, so read on…

Last week's forum: What title would you give the final
Megamorphs book (#5), why?

“I'd say that Megamorphs #5 would be titled "End of
Invasion" because, well, it sounds cool.  Plus, if it
is the ending, the title would make sense. Anyway,
that's all I could think of.  I'm sure somebody else
has a much more creative answer than me.  Oh well!”
- Andrew

“Really, i dunno. I have no idea. *looks depressed* I
have an obscure idea for the title of 54 though!
*brightens* How bout -the envelope please- *drumroll*
Ok, ok "The Beginning". Ain't it cool? It could mean
so many things. the beginning of the end of the war.
the beginning of life after war. So many possiblities.
So little room to type. i think I'll just leave the
options up to you!”
- Reana

“The title to MM#5 should be the Final Battle.  I
don't know if the series ends in a MMM, but it should
be the Final Battle! It tells that in the book it
might be the battle and the Animorphs win it all!”
- Krystal

Was Krystal reading my mind? For a long while I
thought the title of Meagmorphs #5 could be The Final
Battle! We’ll see what the real, actual title for the
book is soon enough! The book could come out May 2001.
- Guillermo

This week's forum question is: what places do you
think the Animorphs should go that they haven’t
already been to (like in #44)?

Last week's poll question was: if Jake had died, who
would be the Animorphs leader then?
Nice question, eh?

Marco    2
Tobias   4
Cassie    0
Rachel   2
Ax        1
None of them   2
Mertil the Andalite   1

This week's poll question is: Have you seen (or read)
an Animorph book from another country?
Please send in your poll response to me at with "poll" as the subject.

- Here’s the exclusive #48 The Return summary:
David is back and he wants revenge. With the aid of
his new evil compatriots, he is able to capture Cassie
and Rachel. In order to escape, Rachel will have to
confront an enemy much darker than David ever was. She
will have to take on Crayak himself.


- Another summary: gave us the
official summary of #49 The Diversion this week!

The Yeerks are finally starting to realize that the
"Andalite bandits" are probably not aliens at all.
They're finally starting to realize that maybe they've
been dealing with humans all along. And no
one—especially the newly appointed Visser One—is happy
with this knowledge. Not happy at all.
When Tobias, the other Animorphs, and Ax realize that
the Yeerks are about to find them, it's by accident.
But that doesn't make the discovery any less serious.
Because in a war, one side wins. And one side loses.

The book comes out in December.

- For anyone who did not get the demo to the Animorphs
PC game that came with #45 (like me) , you can
download it on the net here!:

- The Official Site updated this past week with the
#47 information! Here’s the summary:

The Animorphs and Ax have to make the most important
decision they've ever had to make: Do they continue to
fight the Yeerks in secret, or is it time to let
everyone know there is a resistance? That the
Animorphs exist. And that Earth does stand a small
chance against the invasion.
Jake knows that either choice is a major one. Not one
that some kid should be responsible for. But he's
getting tired of the pressure. So, even though he
realizes that other Animorphs need him to be strong,
he doesn't feel that way. In fact, he feels just the
opposite. And Jake knows if he starts to lose it the
Animorphs are done...

And the sample chapter can be read here:
It’s chapter 8 and Jeff says the chapter does not
spoil anything.
And also the bigger cover:

Also updated, was the Sneak Preview of the site. Funny
though, they don’t have a preview for #48, so we don’t
know the official summary yet. But they did updated
with a cool Ellimist Chronicles preview! The site says
The Ellimist Chronicles will come out this November
(yey, in time for my birthday!). Here’s the cover

- Oops! It now looks like there will NOT be a display
for  #47 The Resistance in bookstores when the book is

- Everworld cover news thanks to Andrew: “David
Mattingly told me that there are going to be mermaids
and mermen on the inside cover of #10!  Isn't that
cool!  Although he couldn't "directly" tell me what
#11's cover's gonna look like, he told me to keep "a
single eye out for it", which probably means some sort
of cyclops or leprachaun eye thingy.”

- Here’s a speculation on the #48 cover from Reana:
“While reading your description of 48's cover,
something hit me. I saw the cover of it on Morphz A
bit ago, and i had no clue, but now... I think you may
have struck close. What if Rachel is mixing Hork Bajir
and Rachel DNA, you know, like Ax did for his human
morph. didn't KA say that that wold turn back up?
Maybe not, maybe thats just my wishful thiking, but
then again, doesn't she usally inculde things that
turn back up, tieing in to the overc all polt? A
spectulation, yes, but good one, don't you think?”

- #46 The Deception should be coming out in bookstores
pretty soon. But when I get it, there will be a
problem. See, I’m still reading Goblet of Fire and it
may take me a while to finish it. So I can’t read #46
until I finish Goblet.

#45 The Revelation is going  up, up, up! This week on
the books this it’s at 67 from 70 last week!
The book is STILL selling very well!

Sent in by wwojcik:
Animorphs Land

Thanks for reading! Send your comments, forum, polls
and any information to me at
Thanks again and see 'ya next week!
- Guillermo

sent in by Meg:
"Be prepared for the worst in the war, but the best
from your friends."
- Peppy Hare from Star Fox talking to Bill Grey, also
from Star Fox.

ANIMORPHS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER #115 is copyright (c) 2000
by Guillermo Larocca (, NO