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                        ~ weekly ~
                         ISSUE #117
           WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 24, 2000
                   <HI EVERYONE!>
Last week of September coming up! But this past week,
I was seriously thinking of never going on the
internet again and stopping my newsletter for good.
See, my computer went wacko (again) and I’m just so
fed up with it. As it seems, I’m always the one who
does something when the computer fails. But I’ve
decided I’m not letting you down by not sending AW, so
I’m still going to be sending the newsletter every
weekend as I have been for the past two years!
Last week's forum: if you have the Animorphs PC game,
what’s your review of it? Only one.
“Well, the game is "at" my house, but I have to wait 3
months to get it.  As in Hanukkah.  That really sucks,
doesn't it?  But, the demo was cool, so the game has
to be, too.”
- Andrew
Check out the news for tons more info of the Animorphs
This week's forum question is: what other things
should the Animorphs be able to morph into besides
Last week's poll question was: Do you think what
happened in #45 was too early to happen in the series
or just at the right time?
Too early     2
Just right     3
Don’t know     1
This week's poll question is: would you think it would
be better if the Official Site was more like Morphz
(with a message board and news on books way in the
future)? Please send in your poll response to me at with "poll" as the subject.
Lots of great news this week!
- Here’s an exclusive sample chapter of The Ellimist
Chronicles thanks to Willie! The chapter is found in
the back of book #46! The Ellimist Chronicles have 29
chapters and this one is chapter 29, however, it does
NOT give anything away from the rest of the book!
Also, Jeff says an Animorph member makes a surprise
appearance in the book!
I don't know how long I floated through the eerie,
brilliant, wondrous landscape of pure energy and
purest beauty. Time was for other creatures. Time's
arrow did not carry me along with it. I knew nothing
of this. I was a mere creature, for all my multitudes,
for all my powers I was, after all, a mere mortal
creature. It was as if one of the primitive Andalites
I'd known had suddenly been thrust into the command
center of a starship. I was an ignorant savage. An
extreme primitive. But I knew this: as simple and
primitive as I was, I could literally touch and move
the vibrating lines of space-time. Was I grown
extremely big? Or had I shrunk to submolecular size?
Size meant nothing. There was no size in this place. I
lived, and that was all I knew. I was alive without
form, without sinapses to fire, without food to
devour, without limbs to control. I saw without eyes
and tasted without tongue and moved without wings or
pads or engines to move me.
This I knew. And I knew one other thing as well, a
lesson hard-learned from millenia of war: my foe would
find me. An absurdly rare event, a cosmic coincidence
had fashioned me. The odds? The odds were billions to
one, trillions to one, incalculable.
But those were the odds of this thing happening once.
The odds of it happening again were great. Crayak
learned. Crayak watched. Once I revealed myself to
him, once I acted in such a way as to show myself,
Crayak would find the way to follow me here. And as I
was unchanged in mind and morality, so he would be
Carefully, frightened at last into true humility, I
began to study this new environment. I found I could
see into the real world, the events and peoples that
made up these space-time strands. They seemed to rise
and mature and age and fall in the blink of an eye,
and as I watched and studied and learned I knew that
hundreds of thousands and finally millions of years
were passing in real space. I saw Crayak out there,
still at his evil work. I saw lines go dark, unravel,
coil up into nothingness as he massacred planets.
Billions of lives become nothingness. I had planted a
great deal of life, and my Pemalites still lived to
spread more, but the tide was turning once more in
Crayak's favor. At last, knowing I had so much more
still to learn, knowing my own deep inadequacy, I
struck back. Crayak entered a system of nine planets
orbiting a medium yellow star. Two of the worlds, a
red planet and a blue, were populated. The red planet
was already doomed, its atmosphere was oozing away and
there Crayak could do no real harm there. But the blue
planet teemed with life. The dominant species type
were huge, brutish beasts in a fantastic array of
forms. Giant, slow moving plant eaters and violent,
rapacious killers with tearing teeth and deadly
talons. There was intelligence there, but no
sentience, I could see it so clearly.
Not in the great, domineering brutes, but in a handful
of small, swift, fur-bearing prey animals did the
future of this world lie. They had only to be left
alone and in forty or sixty million years there would
emerge a great people. Crayak saw none of this, he saw
only that there was life there. He aimed his weapons
on the blue planet and fired and I drew gently on the
fabric of space-time and his weapons struck nothing.
The planet was gone, halfway around its orbit. He
tried again, and each time I applied my crude but
powerful countermeasures. And then, in confusion,
Crayak withdrew to consider.
I knew he would be with me soon.
"So here you are, Ellimist."
"I've been expecting you, Crayak."
He appeared to me as he always had. As a dark monster.
I knew how I appeared to him: I had mastered the
simple trick of projecting myself in whatever disguise
suited me best. I appeared to him as a simple Ketran.
"Your advantage is gone, Ellimist."
"We are equals now," I agreed. "You can no longer harm
me personally. You understand that?"
"I cannot harm you, Ellimist, but I can hurt you. I
can kill the things you love."
"You can try, Crayak. But in the end you are a fool.
Do you not see that everything you do I can undo? You
can slaughter and I can reverse time itself to restore
life. But I tell you this: If we carry on our war
inside the bowels of space-time we will end by
collapsing this universe and killing ourselves as well
as everything in it."
"It's a pointless game that has no winner," Crayak
admitted. "But what else is there for the two of us?"
"We could sit back and watch. We could admire the
advance of evolution."
"Unacceptable. I would choose my own destruction over
that. To live all of eternity as a passive observer?
There must be a game. If there is no game there is
nothing for me."
"Then let us play a game, Crayak."
"There will have to be rules."
"Yes, there will have to be rules."
"And a winner?"
"Yes, that too, though it will take millions of
Crayak smiled his hideous smile. "I'm not going
"Then come," I said, "let us play the final game."
- Lots of title news this week! BIG thanks to RYA
(, they have the
scoop of the title to #51! The title is “The
Absolute”. If you don’t remember Marco morphs a duck
on the cover and the book is about Visser One hard
working with the army and comes out February 2001!
Jeff from Morphz has an interesting story about the
title to #51, “there was a small movement trying to
get it changed to The Consequence, but, unfortunately,
that wouldn't fit on the cover.” Jeff also says #50
should be called The Loss, and #51 The Consequence.
- Thanks to Nothlit, Orson and David Mattingly are in
the inner cover of #46: “If you look VERY close, you
can just read
on the side of the fighter plane in the foreground.”
- This review of the Animorphs Playstation game is an
exclusive thanks to MorphBoy12. The review has some
spoilers and they will be warned:
“Well, there's a lot of things to say about the new
Animorphs Playstation game -- most bad, very few good.
 I'll start with the good things first.
Well, if you think about it, at least there IS an
Animorphs game.  There's the morphing, the aliens, and
stuff.  The graphics are suprisingly good, showing
detail in the scenery and beginning, ending, and game
over little movies.  The background music and their
voices are really good.  The game's really cheap
compared to other new PSX games, which are usually 50
bucks, only $30.  That's the good part...
There's a lot of things that they could have (and
should have) done to make it a lot better.  The
gameplay is terrible.  It's really boring, and it's
not that difficult.  I beat it in less than a day.
They should have made the characters so much better.
When they morph into animals, there's blue, yellow,
and pink smoke with like these sparkle swirls
surrounding them.  They go behind it for a second and
POOF!  The smoke is gone and suddenly they're a bear.
There should have been a ton more morphs.  There's 7:
Tiger (Jake), Bear (Rachel), Wolf (Cassie), Rhino
(Marco), Dolphin (all), Dragonfly (all), and Bat
(all).  Those are supposed to be their base morphs.  I
mean, come on.  Marco morphed into a Rhino, what, 2
times in the books?  And that's his base morph?  Jeez.
 Really inaccurate if you ask me.  And what about the
20+ morphs they said were going to be available to us,
huh?  You don't get to choose when you want to morph.
You morph when you get close to an alien to battle,
which is like 3, maybe 4 times on each level.  There
is no challenge in it whatsoever.  If you know what
Gedds are, you know that they're weak, clumsy, and
worthless.  I guess that doesn't apply to the game.
At the beginning of the Gardens game there's 2 that
you can barely get passed.  They are HARD!  The next
hardest aliens are the Skrit (spelled Skirt in the
game). They're supposed to be a little better than
WARNING, SPOILER! On the last level, "The Finale", who
do you think you fight?  Visser Three in maybe a
Lerdethak morph like they said?  Or a different morph?
 Or as himself?  Nope.  You don't even fight him.  You
fight this big robot.  Nothing else.  Ax kills Visser
Three. There's quite a few glitches in it, like you
fall through tree branches on the Gardens level, and
in the city, you ride on these platforms that stop for
a few seconds then float between the two platforms.
They messed up there. They really should have made the
game a lot longer with more characters. Well, I was
really depressed after I bought the game.  Here I
thought the game was going to be really good, but it
wasn't at all.  I thought it really sucked. I give
this game probably a 4 out of 10.
Gameplay: 2
Audio: 7
Graphics: 5
Action: 2
I don't recommend you buy this game.  If you really
want to play it to see how it is, rent it.  Then, if
you REALLY like it, buy it, but I don't see why you
would.  I'm just hoping that, if they make a Harry
Potter PSX game, it isn't made by the people that made
More PlayStation game news! Thanks to,
we now have cheat codes for the PlayStation, Shattered
Reality game! Here are those codes:
Infinite Health: 801ee8f40005
Infinite Lives: 801ebfcc0063
Infinite Coins: 801dd48c0063
Stop Timer: 801dd48800a5
Infinite Turbo: 801dd088003c
Unlock All Levels: 801ebfd00008
GameShark also says that in Animal Mode, Cassie/Wolf
is the best to use because she is too small to get
hit. Also, the Official Site ITSELF has a demo of the
computer game to download!
- Word all over the internet has said Animorphs fans
have bought and read #46. I still don’t have it, but I
may be getting it this week and I’m more than half way
done “Goblet of Fire.”
Amazing though, #45 is off the charts and there are no
new books on the charts.
The Andalite War-Council
Thanks for reading this week’s issue! Send your
comments, forum, polls and any information to me at Thanks again and see 'ya
next week!
- Guillermo
“How art thou out of breath, when thou hast breath to
say to me that thou art out of breath?”
- Juliet from “Romeo and Juliet” (2.5.33-34)
ANIMORPHS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER #117 is copyright (c) 2000
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