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                       ~ weekly ~
                        ISSUE #120
          WEEK OF OCTOBER 15, 2000

                  <HI EVERYONE!>
An Animorphs dies and betrays, 3 reviews and a cover! All in News, so read on....!

Last week's forum: how do you want the series to end?

"I think I would like the series to end with a retreat. I once read a Fan-Fic a while back, it wasn't complete but I liked the beginning. It starts by saying that the Animorphs had won the battle and the Yeerks retreated. Then, 20 some years later the Yeerks come back. Jakes a senator or something, Tobias is a Realy old hawk and so forth. This is what I'd like to se KAA do, end the Kids and bring in them as Adults for about 10 books to finish off the series."  - Moose

"A huge battle and the Animorphs end up sacrificing themselves to save the world."
- ROBOT2032

"I want the series to end as a Megamorphs, after #54. It could be called The Last Battle, or something like that. They show the world who they are, and the armies around the world would kick Yeerk butt! They should kill Visser 3/1, free MOST of the controllers, but not Tom, because he would have died trying to kill Visser 3/1 with Jake. Then, Rachel will permantly morph into a female red-tailed hawk and fly with Tobias and have many little chicks. Marco will become a famous comedian, and talk about his experiences, and also write a book. Jake and Cassie, of course, will marry, and save the animals. Ax will become a famous scientist and cure cancer and AIDS! They will, of course, still have the morphing power, but they can't let anyone else touch the morphing cube. They destroy it. Then, all the aliens and humans will come together and sing kumbaya, and then the last word of the book would be: HOPE!"   -Andrew

"How do I want the sereis to end? How do i WANT THE SERIES TO END??!!!! Is this a stupid question or is it just me? (no offensce...) I DON't WANT THE SERIES TO END!!!! Now, a better way of stating this question would be, "If the series has to end (and "all good must come to an end" {Who said that anyway...}), how should it?" THE SERIES SHOULDN'T END!! IT SHOULD GO ON FOREVER AND EVER!!! *starts crowd in a cheer of "AN-I-MORPHS FOR-EV-ER!!, AN-I-MORPHS, FOR-EV-ER!!!"* YEAH!!!!!! GO ANIMORPHS!!! (Sorry are, i'm all hyped up on death by chocolate ice cream)."   -Reana

"The last book should NOT be a regular book or a MM or even a Chronicles... it should be it's own seperate thing. And it should be at least 300+ pages and be narrated by all Ani's!"   - Zeahorse

This week's forum question is: what would be the most amazing thing to happen in the series?

Last week's poll question was: do you think K.A. will NOT extend her contract in December?
Yes I did already ask this question, oh well!

She won't   7
She will      1
Don't know  1

This week's poll question is: what next Chonicles should K.A. do?
Please send in your poll response to me at with "poll" as the subject. Thanks!

- Last week, I posted that an Animorph member WILL die and I got some comments and guesses on the subject. From Jay Brandon:
"After telling my friend about the Animorphs dieing thin,g he felt needed to write this:
Ok, ok, hearing someone was gonna die in Animorphs made me kinda mad. So i set to figure out who it is. Now based on the rules of most stories and shows i've read/saw, i can make some pretty good estimations, but of course i'll look like a total fool if i get it wrong so wish me luck... Now, You've got to look at the links,
Cassie-Jake. Tobias-Rachel. Rachel-Cassie. Rachel-Jake. Tobias-Ax. You may be thinking "What about Jake-Marco?" well i'm getting to that. Marco being kinda alone now with the expetion of his parents. Jake and Marco's friendship has fizzled a bit since Jakes maturing and Marco inablity to do so, but you gotta think if he had to, Jake would still be there for Marco.
Anyway now, ways they could die: A Quick Deth (Dracon Beam or somthing like that) A Slow Death, (Getting out those all too important word at the end making a lump in everyones throat.) Or a Sacrafice, (I'll stay here and die you guys go). Now i figure this is the most probable since Morphz reports that they're gonna blow up the Yeerk Pool.
Ways this could go:
AX: Feels it is duty to his "prince" Jake, Tearful goodbye to Tobias.
Jake: Tearful good by to Cassie, Feels it's his duty as the 'leader.'
Cassie: Doubtful.
Rachel: Going back to her tough as nails thing, tearful goodbye to Tobias and Cassie.
Tobias: Feels as always like 'the outsider' thinks this will bring him into the perveal spotlight, Tearful goodbye to Rachel, Ax .
Marco: Fell at peace now that his parents are saved, Tearful Goodbye to Jake.
Now i figure the most probable is Tobias, and Marco. You always gotta think: Who does KA like best? Plus Ellimist can bring them back. Or they could just mean David or somthing."

"I think that it is Rachel who dies. First of all, the Ellimist said that the person was just an addition to the group and he didn't really mean to put him/her in. This cancels out Tobias (whose father was Elfangor), Marco (whose mom was Visser one), Ax (whose brother was Elfangor), and Cassie the anomaly. This leaves Jake or Rachel. Jake, the natural born leader, and Rachel the natural born warrior. Somehow, I think it's Rachel because she seems like the type to give her life for someone else."

- Barnes and Nobles posted the cover of #50 The Ultimate, Cassie morphing to owl. The cover is not very clear, but we'll see a better version of it soon enough. The book comes out in January of 2001, you'll find the cover here:

- On top of one in the Animorphs dying, there is now news on two of the Animorphs members as traitors. It's nothing like the Animorph goes to the Yeerks, they are just decisions that are not right. Only Jeff knows who they are, and he says one of them is not who you'd think it'd be. The two decisions will happen in either #49, 50, 51 or 52. My guess is one of them is Cassie in #50, think blue box...

- Thanks to Nothlit for typing up the sample chapter of #48 that's in the back of #47, it's really good. Read it here:
Nothlit also has the inner cover of The Ellimist Chronicles posted on his site, TNGtA ( And also his review for #47 and Ellimist Chron:
The first thing I'd like to do is thank K.A. for writing this one herself! No ghostwriters! :) Now, I won't spoil anything if you haven't read the book, but the story of the Ellimist is utterly amazing. You'd never have guessed it in a million years... I was also surprised at the lack of technology in some areas in the beginning of the book (no democracy, manual lift) despite the obvious advances in other areas (the uninet, the crystals). Anyway, I was also saddened by the senseless loss suffered due to that one misunderstanding, but I suppose it had to be. The concept of Father was (I thought) ingenious. It's rather scary to think of a living creature as big as a moon! I also enjoyed seeing the perspective of the development of the Pemalites, Andalites, humans, and other species from a creature who sees millions of years as just minutes. K.A., you did well with this one!
Next, #47 The Resistance. There's a semi-spoiler, when you read it you might not follow who Nothlit is talking about: This is one of the best regular series books since the David trilogy. Seems like I've been saying that a lot for the past couple of months. I think it's obvious that K.A. is not going to be renewing her contract next year ("The end is near," page 2). Anyway, Ellen Geroux crafted this book beautifully, intertwining the story of Isaiah Fitzhenry along with that of the Hork-Bajir in the valley. At first I thought the Civil War scenes would be boring, but I ended up enjoying them as much (maybe even more) than the present-day story. The addition of the Trekkies was a surprising turn, to say the least. I hope they become a permanent part of the series. We've all wondered what it would be like to have a new Animorph. What about several? Hmmm...
Anyway, if any of you have been debating on whether or not to buy these two books, DO IT NOW!!

- I don't have #47 or The Ellimist Chronicles yet, but I finished #46 this week and now here's my review with no spoilers:
Done by the same ghostwriter of #37, The Deception is an OK book, it's good but not great. The book ends, but the story is not finished. It leaves Ax in a situation which makes #47 something to look forward to. #46 is the shortest book yet, but it's not rushed. The only thing that I didn't like was the interaction and involvement with Visser Two. He was hardly in it and barely did anything. The writing is OK, the book gets kinda hectic and messy towards the end. But character development is handled very well, we see a lot of new emotions in Ax and things he does, that we wouldn't expect him to do. I bet we can expect more exciting books to come within the next few months, and the bottom line is that #46 is a "thumbs side ways".

- K.A.'s currernt contract holds for 5 Megamorphs and 5 Chronicles, if you count all the Chronicles that have come out (including Ellimist), you'll see Ellimist is only the fourth. So what will be the fifth? It was said to be Taxxon, but it is still not known. Maybe a fifth Chronicles won't happen.

#46 The Deception fell to 117 from 102 last week!

The Galactic Explorer's Animorphs

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