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sent to 409 people this week, it's the .…

                        ~ weekly ~
                         ISSUE #121
           WEEK OF OCTOBER 22, 2000

                   <HI EVERYONE!>
New official summary this week And not much to say
here, so read on....!

Last week's forum: what would be the most amazing
thing to happen in the series?

"Hmm... I'd have to say the most amazing thing would
be all the Animorphs dieing, the but battle for Earth
being won... it'd be... a shock. Their secret never
being known... eh, I'll let you ponder more."
- Meg

"The most amazing thing to happen in the series would
be for the Yeerks to discover the Iskoort way of life:
symbiotisism (sp?). They should take any willing
humans and other aliens and infest *them* and live in
harmony and everyone would be happy and Jake would get
married to Cassie, Tobias would permanently become
human, and Rachel and him would marry, and Cassie
would start the IGCOP, Inter-galactic
Confederation of Peace. And the Andalites would come
to earth and share their technology and I'm going on
and on and this is a big run-on sentence and I'm going
to end it now with this little booger called a
 - zeahorse

"I think the most amazing thing could be the Andalite
actually showing up. I mean they were there shortly in
Book #1 and have had a few visits by Psycos. I think
that if the Andalite actualy showed up would be the
amazing thing"
- Moose

"The most amazing thing that would happen to the
series would be if it got some better writers! No,
wait, that was a stupid answer. Um........well, I
think that if an Animorph ACTUALLY died, that would be
amazing, because I'm sure it'll never happen. Or, if
the series would end soon, that would be amazing, too,
because I don't think very many people want it to end,
excluding me. I'm not that creative, I know....."

"hmm... for the Andalites to actually come. I mean,
right now, it doesn't look like it's gonna happen, ya
know? So, that's what I think."
- Steph

This week's forum question is: what couple in
Animorphs do you think has the strongest bond and why?

Last week's poll question was: what next Chonicles
should K.A. do?

Taxxon     4
Pemalite/Chee     4
All six Animorphs     1

This week's poll question is: would you want the next
couple books (#53 and above) to be a COMPLETE
surprise? Please send in your poll response to me at with "poll" as the subject.

There's not a lot of new this week.
- Here is the EXCLUSIVE official short summary for #50
The Ultimate!: The Animorphs have hit a wall. Jake is
depressed and sapped of confidence. They're living in
isolation in the free Hork-Bajir colony with no means
of stepping up the resistance. The time has come for
the ultimate risk.

And, B&N posted a new cover of #50. It's a bit clearer
than the last one, and that ugly dot isn't in the way!
You can see it here:

- Two new responses to a dead Animorph sent in by
Marcus: "I think that it will be David because: David
IS still an Animorph, he's justnow a nothlit and
marooned on an island; KA, I don't think wants to hurt
anybody's feelings by killing off one of the main
characters; and lastly, The Animorphs need to destroy
David anyway...If he gets off the island once already,
he could just as well do it again, and thats one of
the last things they want. Well, I just felt like I'd
to share that with y'all."

From Meg: "Well, I wanted to comment on who dies... I
think it is one of the Animorphs, not David, because
going off the Ellimist Chronicles, which was a grand
book, he states a couple of things. First off, it 'is'
one of the six Animorphs: Jake, Cassie, Marco, Rachel,
Tobias and Ax. This discludes David. Next up, he
states it was an accident to get them involved. I
agree with the post in the last newsletter, it
therefore is not Tobias nor Ax. ((Ax is possible, but
doubtful.)) Next up, the one dying wanted to know if
they made a difference, if they mattered. I think this
cancels out Cassie, because if you remember Cassie was
the one that brought them back from the wrong
dimension, she still remembered the Crayak's
traitorous secret against Jake and Jake's decision, so
she knows they mattered, she knows they tipped the
scales. Now we are down to Jake, Marco and Rachel. At
this point, I can't tell you. I doubt Marco and
believe it to be Jake, but I'm not sure. I could be
wrong, it's all guessing at this point, and really,
shouldn't do that... :P Anyway, that's my input. BTW,
The war is running down. The battles are coming out
and the Animorphs are recruiting non-controllers to
fight... it's running down, she won't renew the
contract. Honestly, I think it's good she ends the
series... else it'd get old... like Goosebumps did."

- I don't have #47 or Ellimist Chron. yet but I will
get it FOR SURE this week (if not on Halloween)!

For the first time ever, #46 The Deception stays where
it is at 117 from 117 last week!


Thanks for reading this week’s issue! Send your
comments, forum, polls and any information to me at Thanks again and see 'ya
next week!
- Guillermo

"Goofy can't be a dog, he wears a hat and drives a
- Chris Chambers (River Phoenix) in Stand By Me
(awesome movie!)

ANIMORPHS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER #121 is copyright (c) 2000
by Guillermo Larocca (, NO