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                       ~ weekly ~
                        ISSUE #122
          WEEK OF OCTOBER 29, 2000

                  <HI EVERYONE!>
Happy Halloween!! I think this is AW's 4th Halloween issue! There's some great news this week, including a new #50 cover!! If you go out tomorrow night, I hope you get tons of candy (I did last year)! Well, read on ...!

Last week's forum: what couple in Animorphs do you think has the strongest bond and why?
"The strongest bond? Definately Jake and Cassie, because they are on the same level most of the time, and it just seems that their relationship is a lot stronger than Rachel and Tobias's. I don't know why, it just seems that they're on a deeper page than everyone else. RT are just kind of have crushes, maybe. I don't know."

"Ax and Tobias: I think most people will say Jake and Cassie but Ax and Tobias are aliens to Earth. Ax, an alien trapped on earth and Tobias, a human trappend in a hawks body. The relationship between these two has grown in the last 20 books or so and I think that if worse comes to worse, one would die for the other."
- Moose

"Jake and Marco. I know, I know, they're not a couple couple, but they're best friends with what I think is a stronger bond than any of the Animorphs have. Even though they are somewhat opposites, they manage to stick together through everything. Remember how Marco said Jake ate an entire blueberry pie on a dare with Marco standing by telling him he was insane? Ah, the old days..."
- cat

This week's forum question is: if K.A. wrote a Halloween theme Animorph book, what would the cover morph, title and summary of the book be?

Last week's poll question was: would you want the next couple books (#53 and above) to be a COMPLETE surprise?

Yeah, I would like to be surprised!     8
No, I wanna know everything!     0

This week's poll question is: would you ONLY buy an Animorph book if it had a great cover?
Please send in your poll response to me at with "poll" as the subject. Thanks!

- EXCLUSIVE!! This week, posted their copy of the #50 The Ultimate cover. It's really a BEAUTIFUL cover, full of color! It was really nice to see the bigger version of this cover! You can find it here:

Cassie looks older than the last time we saw her though, and this cover is not the complete one because there is no cover quote or red Scholastic logo. One other thing that's gone, is the AniTV logo, but we don't know if it's really gone or not. And here's a new official summary for #49 The Diversion:

Everything the Animorphs have ever known is about to change... The Yeerks suspect that the socalled "Andalite Bandits" are human after all. And the Animorphs know it's just a matter of time before the Yeerks learn their identities and infest them...and their families. Something major has to be done fast. Because now, the Animorphs can tell you who they are--and that changes everything.

- The Animorphs Game Boy Color game was supposed to come out today, but the date has now been pushed back to November 8.

- For anyone who hasn't seen it yet (who WANTS to see it), here's the inside cover of #47 The Resistance:

- I got The Ellimist Chronicles this weekend, so expect a review as well as MY speculation on who dies, possibly next week.

- 3 new comments on the Animorph death and The Ellimist Chronicles have been sent in. First one from Forlay (minor spoiler):
"Personally, I think it's Rachel who's going to die. Something about the speach patterns, the raging to the Ellimist: To me it sounds like Rachel, as I think she's the one who's the most PO'ed at the Ellimist for messing with them. Afterall, when they first met him, he showed the Animorphs the future her, and then there's the whole giving Tobias the ability to morph again, but keeping him a hawk, which has caused endless tension in their relationship. And then at the end, don't you think Rachel would want the consolation that she mattered, that the sacrifices she made, through her life and, ultimately, her death? Also, the Ellimist refers to the Animorphs' "strong, turbulent spirit." Now, they all have strong spirits, they couldn't survive this, but personally, the only turbulent spirits I see are Rachel, Tobias and Marco. Yes, they all have had their ups and downs, but it seems to me that these three are the only possibilities for the dying Animorph, and from those three, I choose Rachel, through the events I shared here, and then my own bizarre thought processes that even I don't totally understand."

From FalconMorphR:
"The Animorphs WILL NOT defeat the Yeerks. I actually know this for sure. The Ellimist says in #26 The Attack that 200 years from then, the Yeerks would meet the Yort and realize a different way of life. The Animorphs could quite possibly drive the Yeerks away from Earth, maybe even convert a few more to the Yeerks Peace Movement, but the Yeerks will not be crushed or defeated."

And this one from rochelle has a slight spoiler for The Ellimist Chronicles:
"I have one thing to say after reading this book- "Wow" I give it a 9.5 out of 10. It may be short, but it is very good. The book is divided into three sections (like the AC). I don't know how KA thinks up all this stuff for his beginning life, but it is amazing. Also very confusing at first. I'm trying not to give spoilers, so I won't say much. Just GET THIS BOOK!!!!!!! But I will say that the ellimist has a major part in the evolution of the andalites.  My favorite part was defintely the epilogue. It is only the front and back of a page, but it almost made me cry. My favorite quote is in this part. It is the ellimist, speaking to the dying human. You can draw your own conclusions as to which animorph that is. I think it is marco or tobias. Anyway, this makes me very anxious to read the next books."

- Expect the Official Animorphs site to update very soon (possibly this week), with the large #49 cover, #49 sample chapter, and official summary of #50!

#46 The Deception is off the charts.
But The Ellimist Chronicles is now on! It's at 137 this week, from 155 last week.

John's Animorphs Universe

Thanks for reading this week’s issue! Send your comments, forum, polls and any information to me at Thanks again and see 'ya next week!
- Guillermo

"Just because you LOOK like me ex-wife, doesn't mean you have to act like her."
- Eddie from Two Of a Kind, talking to a kid dressed as an ugly witch.