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                       ~ weekly ~
                        ISSUE #123
          WEEK OF NOVEMBER 5, 2000

                  <HI EVERYONE!>
Oh, 1,2,3!! The countdown to my birthday is on!! In 14 days I will turn 17, wahoo!! Oh, and this Saturday is the day to remember all the Canadian soldiers who died in the war, everyone in Canada, take a moment to remember, "Lest we forget."

Last week's forum: if K.A. wrote a Halloween theme Animorph book, what would the cover morph, title and summary of the book be?

"The Animorphs book would be called "The Surprise" (is that already one? I can't keep track of them all) and it would involve the Yeerks luring kids to a Halloween party, and somehow they put Yeerks in the candy! They are biologically engineered, of course, so when the kids swallow the candy, the Yeerks swim to the brain and somehow latch on. I know that's really farfetched, but hey, all the books recently have been farfetched (jumping onto planes, shrinking, going to Aussie, etc.) The morph would be Jake to black cat. It would be cool."
- Andrew

"I'm thinking if KAA did a Halloween format Anomorphs it would have them morphing Gedds on the cover. The plot could be that the Animorphs go out on Halloween in Hork Bajir and Gedd morphs, this way they can walk around and fight the yeerks that way. Of course the yeerks would know whos who, but they can't exactly stop them in public without revealing themselves."
- Moose

"Cover Morph: Tobias to Jack-o-lantern
Title: The Possession
Summary: Tobias, the other Animorphs, and Ax go trick-or-treating. They go into a house and find a surprise -- Visser 17 and a new enterance to the Yeerk Pool! They blow it up and win the war. The world has world peace and poverty stopped. The AIDS virus is gone, along with Cancer and stuff. Teen pregnancies go down, employment rate goes up and Nader was elected President! However, with the war over, the Animorphs spend less and less time together. Jake starts a band called Yeerk Smashers, but he cheats on Cassie with band groupies. Cassie goes out with Marco. And some other dramatic, emotional stuff happens to them, but they get back together and all is well."
- XdotDOTdot

"The cover morph would be Rachel to a hissing black cat. You know, hair on edge, eyes terrified, claws out - that's the cat, not Rachel. The title would be something along the lines of "The Terror" or "The Shock" or something like that. The summary:
The Animorphs are in trouble. Deep trouble.
It's Halloween and while high-schoolers party and grade-schoolers get sick on candy, the Yeerks are getting into the spirit of things. They've discovered that Rachel is one of the 'Andalite Bandits'. So they're sending a young Hork-Bajir-Controller to her house, posing as a trick or treater. Scary? That's not the half.
The Skrit Na have landed. On a live broadcast of an interview with David Duchoveny, the X-Files star. And nobody's taken it as a publicity stunt. (Hey, Scully pregnant is enough of a publicity stunt)
So Rachel has no help from the other Animorphs, who are dealing with the real-life abduction of "Mulder".
Trick or treat."
- Aphrodite

This week's forum question is: is violence in the Animorphs book at a reasonable level?

Last week's poll question was: would you ONLY buy an Animorph book if it had a great cover?

No way! I buy the books no matter what.   8
Yeah, a great cover is everything!   0

This week's poll question is: what is a better way for the Animorph member to die? A quick death (like in Goblet of Fire) or a slow death? Please send in your poll response to me at with "poll" as the subject. Thanks!

- As predicted, the Official Animorphs site to update this past week! Here is the large #49 cover ( The #49 sample chapter is really good and non-spoilerish, you can find it here ( and official summary of #50 The Ultimate, coming in January:

Really big trouble is an understatement these days. The war between the Yeerks and the Animorphs is full on - and it's definitely going to get worse. But Cassie, the other Animorphs, and Ax have a lot more going on than just trying to stay alive. Now they've got to actively protect their families and the free Hork Bajir. And they no longer believe they can do it alone. The Yeerks are just too powerful.

So Cassie and the others have to ask themselves a very important question: Is it time to increase their numbers? They all remember too well what happened with David - the Animorph gone bad. But this time do they really have a choice?

- Semi-spoiler alert: Thanks to Rebecca191 and Morphz, the title to #52 is released, and it is: The Sacrifice!

- Here's some great news thanks to Morphz's MB: it has been confirmed that Rachel turns into a "super Rachel" on the cover of #48 The Return (coming out this month). She does NOT morph it, but BECOMES it. Crayak will be in this book and he turns Rachel into super Rachel.

- More news from the MB, Jeff KNOWS what's going to happen in the series, he knows a lot of spoilers, and he knows wheater or not Animorphs will finish or not. We'll be surprised with books #49-52 because stuff happens that we don't know about yet and are pretty shocking. Anything can happen and probably will. Ellimist won't appear and a bring dead people to life (as explained in EC), he won't erase memory and he won't make everything better.

- Just a bit of Everworld news, the Officil Everworld site has been totally changed around and updated with the new book 10 info, check it out:

#47 The Resistance is on the charts this week at 125 from 173 last week.
And The Ellimist Chronicles is up a bit, at 127 this week from 137 last week.

~Utahraptor~;)'s Realm

Thanks for reading this week’s issue! Send your comments, forum, polls and any information to me at Thanks again and see 'ya next week!
- Guillermo

"I'll show you everything
With arms wide open"
- Creed - With Arms Wide Open