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                        ~ weekly ~
                         ISSUE #124
           WEEK OF NOVEMBER 12, 2000

                   <HI EVERYONE!>
6 days until my 17 birthday!! And for other people,
there is also 6 more weeks until Christmas! Two new
official summaries, speculation and a review! All in
News, so read on....!

Last week's forum: is violence in the Animorphs book
at a reasonable level?

"I'm not sure I understand the question, but I think
the violence is at a reasonable level. I think there
may be too little violence, in fact. I mean, there is
some gore and killing, but there's no detail. I mean,
after reading the 50+ books of the Animorphs series,
my eyes kind of pass over the fight scenes because
they are so boring. It's like, "Slash. Hork-Bajir on
left. Arrrrggghhh! He died! Wooosh!!!!! Yeah!!!!!" I
mean, boring. No description or detail. Maybe if the
fight scenes had more detail, then yes, the violence
might potentionally be too high, but since it has
none, the violence is reasonable."

"I wouldn't want a young child to read them, but the
violence is reasonable enough. They're fighting
brain-stealing aliens, for crying out loud."
- MegamorphJ

"I think that they need to bring voilence down a bit.
It good, but all I've been seeing latly is they fight
they win books over, I want more story."
- Moose

"Sometimes it's a little gorey and graphic, but yeah,
it's usually okay."
- Zach

"hmm... i think there could b a little less violence,
but u need ta have it cuz then its just boring."
- Steph :)

This week's forum question is: do ghostwriters mean
smaller books? Why?

Last week's poll question was: what is a better way
for the Animorph member to die? A quick death or slow

Quick     4
Slow     3

This week's poll question is: would it be better to
have #54 to be continued in Megamorphs #5 or have #54
solo? Please send in your poll response to me at with "poll" as the subject.

- This time Booksamillion has scored! They've got the
COMPLETE official summary of #50 and 51. Be warned
that they are SPOILERS for upcoming books:

#50 The Ultimate (coming in January 2001)
The Animorphs have hit a wall. Jake is depressed and
sapped of confidence. They're living in isolation in
the free Hork-Bajir colony with no means of stepping
up the resistance. The time has come: The Animorphs
must give the blue box to other humans, granting
outsiders the power to morph. It's the ultimate risk
that the Animorphs have refused to take -- until now.

#51 The Absolute (coming in February)
The Yeerks are no longer behind a "silent" invasion:
they plan to take over the National Guard to prepare
for an all-out war against humanity and Earth. Marco,
the other Animorphs, and Ax couldn't be less prepared
for this news. And Jake is so depressed he can't lead.
The only option for the Animorphs is to alert the
public, thereby giving away their closely guarded

- I finished The Ellimist Chronicles, so here is my
review with no spoilers:
Thank you K.A. for writing this book all your own, you
did a great job! I loved this book, it was written and
planned out incredibly well. The book has many
fantastic surprises which were really "appetizing" to
die hard fans, intrigue, and (as usual) that K.A.
romance touch. The book also has a lot of great action
and it's not as raw as blood, guts, slashing or
yelling, which was really nice! The story itself is
amazing and K.A. wrote it so well. Although, there is
a lot of technical alien stuff in the beginning, but
by the second half of the book they're (almost) all
gone. All in all, The Ellimist Chronicles is the
SECOND best chronicles (after Andalite)! It was an
enjoyable read that is for everyone, especially those
who are upset with the current ghostwriter situation.
If you're thinking about buying it, don't think
anymore and get it!

and my speculation on who dies, this DOES contain

Ax: Well he's off right away since the Ellimist said
"HUMAN child" and "one that calls themselves
Animorphs" and Ax is technically not an Animorph.
Besides, he is the brother of Elfangor and not a happy

Marco: the son of the old Visser One, but again, Marco
is not the happy accident so it is not him.

Jake: Maybe, but only because he is the leader. He's
interesting and very twisting. He's a bit of a happy
accident but in a way he's got Tom to save. I honestly
don't know about him. I could be though, I could be.

Cassie: The human child seemed angry at Ellimist and
that's not really the way Cassie would hold a
situation like this. But Cassie is mentioned at the
end of Megamorphs 4, so it's not her anyway.

Tobias: Possible. Especially with the "I've been
trapped" thing going. Although, that could mean other
people too. Also take into consideration that he has
an early book before 54 and he could die then. But, he
is Elfangor's son and that shows he is not the happy
accident Ellimist is talking about.

Rachel: Most possible out of all the Animorphs. All of
that "Who are you?! I deserve an answer" attitude and
everything, she also has the last book of K.A.'s
contract. On top of that, Rachel is not mentioned in
Megamorphs 4, meaning she could be the happy accident.

- I bought #47 and a review could follow next week! I
LOVE the inner cover of #47, I think it is the BEST
inner cover out of all the 47 Animorphs books! I love
it! Don't you agree?

- News is out that #48 The Return has been released
and it is "the best ghost written book ever". I don't
have it, but if anyone out there does you can send in
your reviews for the book (preferably without
spoilers) and I'll post them in AW!

- This news is thanks to Andrew: "When you get
Everworld #11 (you know, the one with the big ugly
Cyclops on the cover) look for the "big tree" on the
step-back. There, you will see his beloved cat, Orson.
Also, he said that he's put Orson in every single EW
stepback, but sometimes they are so small that there
would be no way for us to see it."

- ROBOT2032 sent me an email with a very interesting
question: "What will you do with the newsletter after
the series is over?" That is a VERY good question that
I never really thought about. But I answered him that
I'm probably going to to stop AW and send an issue
whenever Animorphs news comes out, wheather that is
once a month or whatever.

Hmmm, no books are on the charts this week. But that's
so weird since two books were on last week.

The Morpher Society

Thanks for reading this week’s issue! Send your
comments, forum, polls and any information to me at Thanks again and see 'ya
next week!
- Guillermo

"HE. ATE. SHAKESPEARE. Oh, I'm having a heartache!!"
- Judy Funnie, "Doug's Hot Dog"

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