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sent to 381 people this week, it's...

                    ~ weekly ~
                   ISSUE #127
           WEEK OF DECEMBER 3, 2000

                 <HI EVERYONE!>
Wow!  Is it already December?  I can't believe 2000 has flown by...  This
time last year we were all dreading the Y2K bug (I'd almost forgotten what
it was called!).

As I'm sure you all know, 2001 is the actual start of the new millennium and
the 21st century, not to mention a big year for sci-fi fans!  ;-)  I hope it
will be great for all of you.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves!  We still have a lot of news to cover
this week, and Christmas and Hanukkah are coming up fast!

Last week's forum question was:  What should happen at the end of the

"I think the Andalites should come in to help, or humans join the war.
Either way, I think they should win!"
-- frankfontain

"hmm... well, Animorphs should win. DUH! lol. they rock. duh again. and
hmm... Visser 3 should either...
A.) go jump off a cliff
B.) Sing Bobalu till he's run off the face of the Earth by an Angry Mob OF
C.) die.
D.) go 2 some far off world 2 never be heard from again, only 2 b eaten by
some evil monster dude who, if he eats Visser 3, ain't so evil
lol. those are my thoughts!"
-- Steph

Now that we know for sure that the series is ending, I think that a few
major things should happen.  It looks like some of this may be coming up in
future books, but I think that the human public needs to be told about the
invasion, and I think that at least one Animorph needs to die.  These twists
would be a great way to end the series, with of course a last-minute save by
the Andalite fleet who realizes almost too that the Anati homeworld conflict
is futile.

This week's forum question is:  What's been your most memorable moment
reading Animorphs?

Please send in your forum responses BY SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9 to with "forum" as the subject!  You can also respond
online at the AWN website, ! Thanks!

Last week's poll question was:  How long would you wait for Harry Potter #5
to come out?

- I want is yesterday 9 %
- I want it right now 55 %
- until summer 2001 18 %
- as long as it takes 9 %
- I don't want it 9 %

This week's poll question is:  Are you sad that Animorphs is ending?

PLEASE!  Send in your poll responses BY SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9 to with "poll" as the subject!  The polls don't work
when only four people out of 380 respond!!  You can also respond online at
the AWN website, ! Thanks!

As I've been telling you all for the last couple of weeks, MORPHZ posted
a major news item this past Friday announcing the end of Animorphs and (to
the shock of many) Everworld as well.  Both series will be wrapping up
around May of next year, with a collector's edition "series Bible" for
Animorphs being released around the start of the 2001-2002 school year.
I realize this may be extremely sad news for some, but to quote Tyler of, we've still got six great months of reading left to go!  When
it's time to be sad, we'll be sad.  But this is not the time.
When Animorphs ends next May, it will have lived a good life of five
years.  FIVE YEARS!!  Do you realize that five years is almost a third of
most of our lives?  That's a LONG time for a series as well-written as
Animorphs to have lasted, especially without going any more commercial than
it did.  (On a side note, I hope Scholastic takes the AniTV ads off the last
few book covers.)
In conclusion, I think we need to reflect back on the great times
Animorphs has brought us over the last few years.  I propose that all of you
go back and try to re-read as many of the previous books as you can between
now and the release of #54.  Not only will it refresh your memory about the
plot, but I bet it will bring back memories of the places you read the books
and the events that were occuring in your life at the time.

Guillermo sent me an e-mail with his thoughts on the series ending, and
here's what he had to say:
"I wasn't sad when I read Animorphs is ending because I already knew it
was ending, weeks before December 1. I knew it all along. I did however,
kinda stop for a moment of silence (not really intentionally though). It is
sad however that after May 2001, I won't be reading any more new Animorphs.
Heck, this whole newsletter IS Animorphs. I guess this means AW will end in
May 2001 (or at least until I read #54). We all knew the end was coming."

Guillermo sent in this review of #47.  It's only minorly spoilerish.
"With clues everywhere about wheather or not the series is ending, I'm
glad good books are coming in. If there is any indication about the series
ending, it's in #47. There is A LOT of "the end is coming" talk all over
#47. But this is a really good book. When I first read the summary of this
book, I thought it'd be bad and I wasn't excited about it. But #47 is a
great read! Just the way and the idea of Fitzhenry's war story intertwined
with the Animorph story is done really well. The writing is excellent and
nothing is complicated, there's lots of action everywhere and many little
surprises which I was shocked at. The way the book and Jake's plan is
organized is done well, but the outcome of the plan is predictable after
reading Fitzhenry's entry. The idea of the Trekkie campers was a very nice
touch and I hope we see them again (possibly in #49?). The only flaw of the
book is that it has plot holes, where did the visser go? Where will the free
H-B go now? But the action and narration of the story is really good. It all
comes down to a good book that's better than #46."

Guillermo found the title for Everworld #12 (I'm not sure where, so if
it's wrong, sorry...).  It's going to be Entertain the End.  The reason I
question whether or not this is the true title is that K.A. is reportedly
leaving this book open-ended in case sales pick back up in the future.  If
that were the case, the title would not be about the "end" of the series.
I'm not sure, though.

#48 The Return is on the charts this week at number 138, up from 193 last

-- UnConventional Animorphs
This site was submitted by Forlay, who says it's a new fan fic site devoted
to rather unconventional relationships and such that have been made up over
the past couple of years by fan fic writers.

There was some major news this week that I don't think will ever be
duplicated.  Let's just hope that the next six months are the best in
Animorphs history.

Please feel free to write with any comments or editorials you may have!
They help make AWN a real community newsletter, as do the poll and forum
responses!  Please send them in!

Until next week,

-- "Until then, we fight."
It's "then."  What now?

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