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                        ~ weekly ~
                         ISSUE #133
           WEEK OF FEBRUARY 18, 2001

                   <HI EVERYONE!>
So how was everyone's Valentine's? This past week has been HUGE! The 
Oscar nods were released and my semester 2 classes started. Sorry, I 
didn't send AW last week but there is a lot of HUGE news this week, 
it's so amazing! Read on!

Last week's forum: Was the event that happened in #50 the right thing 
to do? Why or why not?

"I think so. Jake was giving those kids a chance to do what they 
otherwise would have never been able to do. And after the war, if 
humans live, they could get new DNA from their parents and other 
family to make themselves a new body to live in. All in all, a good 
- Sib 

**Spoiler Alert!!!!** 
"I think that giving the diabled kids a chance to fight WAS just. Not 
only  did it give them a chance to overcome their disibilities, but 
it gave them a  chance to defend themselves and their friends. As for 
the blind kids, it  gave her her site back. I think that KA had a 
good plot line for this story,  and her and the GW's did a good job 
proposing it."
- Reana

"I haven't read the book, but I know what happens. To me, I think it 
was the right thing to do given the circumstances. How were they 
going to win if they didn't do it? It was the right time, but it was 
also good of them to wait this long..."
- Tyler

This week's forum question is: What do you think of the #54 The 
Bgeinning cover? Is it appropriate?

Send in your forum responses to 
with "forum" as the subject. Or respond at the AWN  website,

Last week's poll question was: If the 6 Animorph members (Jake, 
Rachel Cassie etc, including Ax) were on Survivor, who would be the 
first to be voted off?

Jake          0
Rachel       0
Tobias      0
Cassie     3
Marco     6
Ax          1

This week's poll question is: Will you read and follow K.A.'s brand 
new series, Remnants, when it comes out?

Send in your poll responses to with "poll" 
as the subject, or respond online

Yes, the cover to #53 The Answer was posted this past week. I don't 
like it much and it's got a double morph (someone else already 
morphed that animal and first I thought it was a lizard). I won't say 
what animal Jake is morphing into, just in case you don't want it 
spoiled. I myself didn't want it spiled, but I gave into temptation. 
You can see the cover here at 
The Answer comes out in April (so does Entertain the End, Everworld 

The summary also came with the cover, but it DOES contain SPOILERS 
for books #51 and 52 so read at your own risk:

The subtle invasion is over. Hoards of Yeerk reinforcements are 
landing on Earth every day, and Visser One is constructing an 
enormous new Yeerk pool by blasting giant holes in the 
ground‹obliterating whatever gets in the way. The Animorphs' plan
enlist the help of the U.S. military has failed. Now, Jake and the 
others find themselves trapped in what will soon be the new Yeerk 
pool. There is no way out . . . unless help comes in the most 
unexpected form. The Taxxons.

-- #54 COVER
In addition to #53, the cover to the final Animorphs book was also 
released! This one I have not seen, and am NOT going to see (but 
thanks to MAS, I've seen it). As much as I want to see it, I'm not 
going to. I'll post a link for you to see it if you want (VERY FUZZY 
image thanks to Morphz):
And here's a VERY, VERY clear image of David Mattingly's sketch for 
the cover thanks to MAS:

There's a note that you MAY be able to see who dies from looking at 
the cover...!

The Beginning starts May 2001!

Yes, there is life after Animorphs and Everworld which are both 
ending.  We've all been wondering what K.A. will do now that two of 
her series are ending. will she stop writing or start a new series? 
The answer has been revealed! Also coming in May (or June) 2001 
(besides #54), Remnants will begin! Remnants is the title of K.A.'s 
new series, and we already have the title of the first book, it is #1 
Mayflower Project! The series is set in the year 2011 and in #1 the 
world is going to be destroyed by a huge asteroid that's going to 
hit. That always seems to happen huh? The Mayflower Project is a 
mission to destroy the asteroid, the Project consists of 80 people.

The new series has been described as a Animorphs, Everworld and 
Chronicles plot style and it will be narrated in the third person 
(unlike Animorphs). This means it's not gonna be narrated by a single 
character. According to Jeff, there are a lot of characters ranging 
from children, adults and aliens. The print will be the same as 
Animorphs, but the content will be a lot darker than "happy" 
Animorphs book plots. Currently, two books have been written and K.A. 
is contracted to do 6 in total so far. Wheather or not it will expand 
to over 6 books is up to the readers and how well it sells.

As for the cover artwork, David Mattingly has not been contacted in 
doing the covers for Remnants, we'll see who soon enough! I'll be 
posting in AW all info on Remnants that becomes available, so keep 
your eye out for it! A Remnants newsletter? Who knows....

Thanks to, #51 (and all books after that) has a new back of 
the book slogan. It used to be 'We can't tell you who we are, or 
where we live...' etc., but now the official new back-of-book slogan 
"Here's the deal these days: they know exactly who we are. They know 
exactly where we live. We've got a few secrets left, and we're gonna 
use them. But just know that the end is coming. And we don't know how 
much longer we can do this. How much longer we can fight. 
What about you? Where will you be where it ends? Think about it. 
Think hard. Because the countdown has already begun...." 
Cool huh? Also on the cover of #51, on top of the Animorphs 
logo, "It's countdown time. Only three more books until the end..." 
is written. And in the preview for book #52 in the back of the book, 
the words 'Extinction Express' and "Only Three Books Left Until The 
End!" are shown. I guess Scholastic is trying to tell everyone 
Animorphs is ending.

#50 The Ultimate comes dropped off the Top 150 Book Charts, and there 
are no Animorphs books currently on the charts.

Yahoo! Clubs - Animorphs Secret Hungout

Thanks for reading this week's issue! Send your comments, forum, 
polls and any information to me at Thanks 
again and see 'ya next week!
- Guillermo

sent in by CBrown5257:
"Is our children learning?"
- PRESIDENT George W. Bush

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