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sent to 380 people this week, it's .

                        ~ weekly ~
                         ISSUE #137
           WEEK OF MARCH 18, 2001

                   <HI EVERYONE!>
Happy St. Patty's Day (I know it was yesterday), hope the luck o' the 
Irish was with ya. I saw Enemy at the Gate, it was pretty good, but 
when I bought the ticket, they asked me if I was over 15 years old. 
I'm 17, and they didn't ask how old my 15 year old friend was! 
Amazing! The world welcomes another teenager, my sister turns 13 
tomorrow! I don't know why I'm telling you, but since I told you my 
brother's birthday two weeks ago, why not mention my sisters! Oh, the 
Oscars are next week. The Oscars present awards to the year's best 
movies and actors (Go Julia!), "wouldn't it be lovely" if there was 
an award ceremony for the best Animorphs books? Hmmm...

Last week's forum: Do you think Remnants will have the success 
Animorphs did? Will it get a TV show? Why or why not?

I got some great responses, thank you to EVERYONE who sent in their 
forum reponses, I appreciate it!

"Oooh, that one's hard. I think it will from what I've heard on the 
Morphz summary of it. It's going to thrive on twists and turns, so 
that's a plus. That and the fact that I've been going around school 
telling everyone about it and I know that I've gotten some people 
interested in it. If it's on the WB, yes. Disney and Nickelodeon, no!"
- Crystal

"I hope Remnants is as successful, and a TV show? Only if it has 
nothing to do 
with Scholastic. ^_^ "
- Patrick 

I don't think Remnants will do good because there's too many darn sci-
fi books out there, and Remnants sounds just like the rest of them. 
And god no for the TV show!
- Andrew 

"I don't think that it will be possible for Remnants to have NEARLY 
as popular as Animorphs. I mean, first of all it's KA's 3rd series, 
so many people will be like, "oh, she's old hat". I think Everworld 
dissillusioned some hard-core Animorphs fans just because it was 
different with the gods and sorcery, and yet at the same time, to 
similar. To many times the characters acted like darker versions of 
the Animorphs with slight modifications. But on the other side, the 
Animorphs fans who now have this 4.95 that they're not spening will 
probally at least give it a try. And all I can say for the TV show 
is; if it does get one, I hope for K.A.'s sake that it's nothing like 
the Animorphs show..." 
- Ziltron

"No, I don't think Rements will have the same reponse Animorphs has 
had. First of all, there will only be six books--not loong enough to 
get a huge repnse. ANimorphs was in the middle of it's 2 year before 
I started reeading them I think if there were a lot of books, it 
would give more readers a chance to get involved."
- Reana

This week's forum question is: what category would you most want to 
see in an Animorphs award ceremony (besides the Best Book and Best 
Aliens and stuff, be original!), and who would be the nominees? 
Please, send in your forum responses to 
with "forum" as the subject.

Last week's poll question was: what was the more shocking news item, 
K.A. stops writing not only Animorphs but Everworld as well OR K.A.'s 
new series, Remnants?
Thank you to all who voted!

K.A. ends Animorphs and Everworld     7
K.A. is starting a brand new series!     6
Both     1

This week's poll question is: should AW to end when Animorphs ends?
Send in your poll responses to with "poll" 
as the subject.

One of the best Animorphs fan sites out there has been deleted. If 
you got the emergency e-mail I sent out on Friday, you know that the 
entire site has been deleted (along with the official AW 
site. all that's left is the message board). Someone reported to 
Tripod that Tyler's site had broken the rules of Tripod. We're not 
sure, but the rule in question is that posted a link to 
download the Animorphs Game Boy game (that is illegal by the way). A 
lot of people are trying to get the site back, and here's what you 
can do to help: Email Tripod ( and tell them to 
bring back, even if the just the "News" page is deleted. 
We have got to try to bring it back!

Although #52 The Sacrifice has already been released in most cities, 
the Official Site posted a sample chapter for the book! You can find 
chapter 9 of #52 here:

Oh and by the way, I was supposed to have a review for #51 posted 
this week. But it's been pretty hectic around here so I didn't have 
time. I PROMISE the review next week though!

Also, remember to vote for Animorphs in the Kids Choice Awards for 
Best Book if you haven't already:

It's the THIRD summary that has been released for the final Animorphs 
book. The first from.... gosh, I don't remember where it was from. 
But the second one from was kinda, very "spoilery". This 
third one from is not spoilerish at all, so take a look-

The extraordinary conclusion to the best-selling Animorphs series. 
Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco, and Ax know that even if they 
could have warned people in the beginning, no one would have believed 
their story. A story about an invasion of parasitic aliens. So, for 
all this time, Jake, the other Animorphs, and Ax have secretly fought 
a desperate battle. Secretly held the Yeerks at bay. But those days 
are over. And there are no more secrets. It comes down to the final 
battle between the Yeerks and Animorphs. And no one knows who will 
win, lose, or live . . . 

#51 The Absolute dropped off the Top 150 Book Charts, and there are 
now no new Animorphs books on the charts.

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Thanks for reading this week's issue!
Send all your comments, forum, polls and any information to me at
Thanks again and see 'ya next week!
- Guillermo

"My shoes are touching dirt! Can't we go home?"
- Beebe Bluff in "Doug's Bloody Buddy"

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