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sent to 303 people this week, it's the final issue of .…

                        ~ weekly ~
                 THE GRAND FINALE
                         ISSUE #147
           WEEK OF MAY 27/JUNE 1, 2001

                   <HELLO EVERYONE!>
Welcome, to the AW grand series finale! This is it! Three years comes 
to a close, this is the last issue of AW. Make sure to read the 
entire newsletter, word for word. I've got not one, but TWO
things for you this week, and MAKE SURE to read the Closing Remarks 
at the end of the newsletter, it's important. Now read on to read
last issue, I hope you like it…. NO, LOVE it!!

Last week's forum question was the very last forum question for AW, 
it was: How will you feel not getting AW anymore?

"Its been in my mailbox....since I got the internet, its gonna
- ROBOT2032

"God, how do i write this 1? lol. well, lets put it this way:
definitely make Animorphs ending much more a reality. I mean, i wont 
b seeing AWN in my mailbox every week anymore. I wont b reading all 
the news, and replying 2 the forums. kinda weird now that its all 
over. and 1 more thing: WE'LL MISS YOU GUILERMO! :)"
- 4 the last time: Steph :-) 

"I will feel very sad, and I'll probably look around for some
really good newsletter. I get some Harry Potter newsletters already.
- CBrown 

"I'll be way out of tune w/ anything KAA, since this newsletter
really the only AniNews I kept in touch with. I'll miss you,
- Liz 

"I'm going to cry and cry because it's not fair that not only my 
favorite series is ending, my favorite newsletter is ending as well. 
It's amazing that you've survived this long after so much with the 
ghostwriters and the TV shows - I think the others died down b/c of 
the shows and/or the ghostwriters. But you've been there to the 
- Tina 

"I'm really sad. why can't we just rename the newsletter, or 
something. I don't respond much to the forums but I enjoy reading 
them. I also look forward to KA's other series."
- Moose 

"~Depresed~ First no books, and now no newsletter? Dang."
- Ziltron

"It's kinda sad... Not only to lose two of my favorite series.
one of my favorite newsletters, too. Sigh. But my inbox will be one 
message less each week. Not that that nessacerily a good thing, but 
anyway.... Farewell, ado, and thanks for all your work these last 
(???) years!" 
- Reana

"~mutters a few very inappropriate things~ Great, now what's
going to 
go in my e-mail box?"
- Niara 

Thank you so much to the nine people who sent in their forum 
responses for this final issue, I appreciate it so much. Those are 
some nice words, thank you very much! I'll miss all you guys too!

AW's last poll question was: Are you happy with the way #54 and
Animorphs series ended?

Yes I am!     4
No way!     4
Don't know     1

That's a nice way to end the Poll, in a tie (and I'm not
sarcastic)! Thank you to the nine people who sent in their poll 

Here it is, AW's last review for the entire Animorphs series.
is a very minor spoiler for the book. Enjoy!:

Wow! OK, first of all I can't believe I'm writing a review
for the 
last Animorphs book and I won't be writing another review. #54
the best Animorphs book I have ever read, of all time, and it took me 
2 hours and 41 minutes to read! Totally amazing, so much of it blew 
me away. I totally loved the last book. 5 years of reading has all 
come to this. I loved how #54 was not so much as the final battle, 
but the Animorphs' life AFTER the war. It was simply amazing,
and awesome to read, it was very, very eventful and incredibly 
enjoyable to read. An AMAZING book to end the series with, I had a 
smile while reading some parts, and a completely shocked face in 
others. Going into the whole one and two years later thing was a very 
nice surprise! I was glad, the Animorph who died, died at the 
beginning of the book so we didn't have to wait for it to happen.
way everything played out was so amazingly done. The writing and 
organization of the book is done so well, and that is part of what 
makes #54 so amazing to read. But the absolute best thing about #54 
is the LOOOOONG chapters! It wasn't just 3 or 4 page chapters,
but up 
to 8 pages each, it was awesome!
#54 is even better than the previously best Animorphs book #22! The 
ending doesn't bother me much, I'm actually fine with the way
ended it. It is a bit of a cliffhanger and not entirely concrete, but 
this way the reader can make up their own ending and be happy with 
it! I just loved #54 so much it is truly extraordinary. Everything 
about the book is amazing, fantastic and very satisfying to the die-
hard fan. That is my opinion, I know other people hated the book, and 
hated the ending, but I simply loved it. #54 The Beginning really is 
a fantastic book to read to close the Animorphs series. K.A. did an 
AMAZING job writing this masterpiece of English and I am thanking her 
from the bottom of my hearts (yes, hearts) for doing it!

Because I have no life, just a few weeks ago, I decided to come up 
with a list of useless Animorphs facts. Not just any list, the 
complete and ultimate list of Animorphs useless facts. So here it is! 
All these facts are mostly based on the titles and covers for each 
Animorphs book, as well as some things that happen in the books. I 
had fun coming up with these facts and hope you enjoy them! So
get started and I hope you enjoy it:

- # of titles that end in N: 15
- shortest title: #43 The Test
- longest title: #17 The Underground
- # of times a title begins with S: 7 (the most)
- # of times a title begins with A: 6
- # of times a title begins with G, K, L, N, or Q: 0 (zero, none, 
nada, zilch)
- # of times a title begins with B, H, J, O and V: 1 each

Didja ever notice:
- #18, 19 and 20 all begin with D, 18 and 19 both start with
- #25, 27 and 28 all begin with "Ex", they're the
"Ex"-Files! :-)
- #34 and  35 both begin with "Pro"
- #45, 47 and 48 all begin with "Re"

Ever get a chance to take a good, long look at the spines of the 
books? Here's a complete color summary (yipee)!

- 9 spines are yellow
- 6 spines are orange or a shade of orange
- 1 spine is brown
- 4 spines are red
- 1 spine is pink
- 9 spines are green or a shade of blue
- 13 spines are blue or a shade of blue
- 11 spines are purple or a shade of purple

Haven't you always wanted to know that? Huh?

Now, these might not be 100% accurate, but I have been keeping track 
of all the morphs acquired throughout the books since #26. Total # of 
Jake: 42            Tobias: 36          Marco: 50
Rachel: 47         Cassie: 46          Ax: 53 (thanks to #46)

- first book where a new animal was not acquired and morphed: #31, 
all books before 31 had brand new morphs each time.
- longest amount of time a new morph was acquired: Jake, he got 
Killer Whale in #36 and didn't get another new morph until beaver

- # of KASUs reported: 16 (hey, no one's perfect)
- # of grammer typos reported in books: 15 (these are NOT K.A.'s 
- # of times a regular human or alien uses thought speech: 13
- # of times an Animorph member morphs an animal they have never 
acquired: 4 (Marco in #4, Cassie in #23, Tobias in #30 and Jake in 54)

- total # of merchandise: 99 (give or take a few)
- # of transformers toys: 15
- # of Antioch stuff (bookmarks, journals): 30
- # of video games: 3
- # of card games: 1
- # of board games: 1
- # of party items: 7 
- # of beach towels: 1
- # of calendars: 2
- # of folders: 9
- # of puzzles: 4
- # of kites: 2
- # of free stuff in the books: 9
- # of posters: 5
- # of videos: 4
- # of student planners: 1
- # of kites: 2
- # of Taco Bell toys: 5

- # of covers where the featured animal was not acquired in that book 
(example: #42 or 26): 11
- # of covers that featured water: 4
- # of inner covers where Orson the cat is seen or mentioned: 13
- # of times a cover model wears an over-shirt: 8
- # of times Jake wears the exact same over-shirt: 3
- total # of times the "Watch Animorphs on TV" logo appears
on a 
cover: 26
- # of times the logo appears on the cover after the show was 
cancelled: 12
- total # of times a morphing suit or bathing suit is worn by a cover 
model: 7
- # of covers that feature an animal that can fly: 8
- # of covers that feature an animal with four legs: 22
- # of times "change" appears in a cover quote: 10
- # of times "Yeerk" appears in a cover quote: 8
- shortest cover quote: #13 The Change
- longest cover quote: #4 and #52

- I bought #1 The Invasion in November 1997 at a book fair in my 
school, I was in grade 8 and I am now about to finish grade 12.
- age when I started reading the Animorphs books: 12
- total Animorphs books written: 64 
- # of books K.A. wrote all her own: 30 (not including the Megamorphs 
and Chronicles)
- # of ghostwritten books: 24 (not including Alternamorphs #2)
- all-time worst books: #14 and #28
- longest regular Animorphs book: #1 The Invasion (184 pages)
- second longest regular book: #2 The Visitor (173 pages)
- third longest regular book: #10 The Android (169 pages)
- longest Megamorphs book: Megamorphs #2 In the Time of Dinosaurs 
(229 pages)
- shortest regular Animorphs book: #46 The Deception (118 pages)
- book with the most chapters: #32 The Seperation (34 chapters)
- books with the least # of chapters (a tie): #8 The Alien and #54 
The Beginning (21 chapters each)
- # of times "My name is…" are NOT the first three words in
a regular 
Animorphs book: 13 (and they are: #16, 30, 36, 38, 40, 41, 44, 46, 48 
and 50-53)

Total # of personal character books:
- # of books Jake has had: 11
- # of books Cassie and Marco have: 10
- # of books Rachel has had: 9
- # of books Ax and Tobias have: 6

- starting with #20, the price of the books were increased by $1.00.
If you have bought all 64 Animorphs books…:
- total amount of money spent for Americans is: $317.28 + tax.
- total amount of money spent for Canadians is: $376.38 + tax.
- that amount doubles if you live in Singapore!

Done! That's it! Cool huh? I hope you liked it, now you know 
everything about Animorphs!
Here's a bonus for `ya, just cause I feel like it,
here's…. The In-
Complete List of Useless AW Facts!
- AW #1 was sent out on March 30, 1998. They were originally sent out 
on Mondays.
- AW ran from Animorphs book #17-54.
- there is a total of 19 separate weeks that AW has not been sent out.
- if AW had never, ever missed a week, this issue would be #166 
instead of #147.
- AW ends at issue #147, the Animorphs book #47 is The Resistance 
narrated by Jake.
- AW has had 2 Megamorphs Weekly issues (an issue in 2 parts)
- the closest thing to a name change for the newsletter was the 
subject line change from AW NEWSLETTER to AWN.
- I wrote this entire newsletter in one day (today), it has 3,305 

Well isn't this a happy note to end the newsletter with.
#53 is now off the USA Today's Top 150 best-selling book list,
#54 is on the list yet.

Since AW won't be here anymore to keep you posted on the book
you can check it out yourself here:
It is updated every Thursday.

Well now that AW is over, where are you going to get the best 
Animorphs news now? Here are a few of the best Animorphs fan sites 
out there, for you to catch up on all the news that happens between 
now and the Animorphs Bible release in September!

The ultimate place for all confirmed news, enough said!

The MORPHZ Zone 91 Message Board
Part of the web page Morphz, this Message Board is the most active 
Ani-board around!

Another great source of news, this site covers all the little tidbits 
of news and info that Morphz doesn't have! It's also got a
lot of 
really great extras and interaction on the site!

A quaint little site that updates once in a while. Not as good as 
Morphz or Ani-News, but still awesome at delivering main news and 
tidbits and just plain fun!

Even though there are a lot of spelling mistakes, and so 
called "exclusives", MAS is neat. It includes every little
detail you 
could ever wish on the entire series. It's had a bad rep, but
it's a 
strong site.
But what's that you say? Because of the end of Animorphs, there
any new news to be posted? You want to know all the new news about 
K.A.'s new series Remnants? No prob, because here are some of the 
best REM sites:

Nice and organized with great news updated first when it appears! 
NGtR is awesome for main news on the Remnants books.

Perfect site for details on the site including the books and 
characters and little tidbits, as well as having their own 

"My name is Jake."
- Jake Berenson, #1 The Invasion, the four words that started it all!

Get all the latest news, polls, and forums at the Animorphs Weekly 
Newsletter's Official site!
All that and more only at

ANIMORPHS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER #147 is copyright (c) 2001 by Guillermo 
Larocca (


Well here I am, writing the closing remarks for the last issue of my 
Animorphs Weekly Newsletter. It's been 3 years and 8 weeks since
first issue was sent out. When I started the newsletter, I never 
imagined for it to have close to 150 issues or even for it to last 
until the end of the Animorphs book series! But this is where it 
ends, at issue 147. That's 147 quote of the weeks, 147
and approximately 147 poll and forum questions, and web pages of the 
week. All those 147 issues are approximately 3 pages long each, which 
makes a grand total of approximately 441 pages.
The entire point of this newsletter is for someone to actually ready 
it! That's where you guys come in, all 302 of you! You are what
AW last the 3 years and 8 weeks it was. So I wanna thank you, thank 
you for always sending in your forum responses and voting in the 
polls. Thank you for sending in comments, each one contributed to the 
success of AW, but most importantly, thank you for reading.
When AW was first sent out in '98, there were dozens of Animorphs 
newsletters being sent out through the internet. With time, they all 
ended, leaving AW to be the ONLY Animorphs newsletter on the 
internet. Knowing you loved getting and reading AW made my commitment 
to you grow even stronger. Writing this newsletter was my hobby, 
every weekend I devoted my time to gathering news and writing the 
newsletter. I loved it, I enjoyed writing AW each week for 3 years, 
and now it is over.
I'm ending Animorphs Weekly because with the Animorphs book
now over, there won't be any news to post, and what is a
without news? I've had a ball with this, AW is a part of my life
always will. I was 14 years old when the first issue was sent out, I 
am now 17. I've already said thanks to all 302 of you, but I must 
individually thank a few people.
First, to Pam Tseng, who had her own Animorphs newsletter and 
inspired me to write my own (her newsletter ended at issue 40), if 
you're reading this Pam, thanks! To Amar and Richard, the very
members of AW (maybe you're still reading). Nothlit, you are
second editor. You were there to write and send out AW when I 
couldn't, you were one of the first to make an AW web page, you 
signed me up with e-groups, and you've been an all-round nice
thank you for all your hard work and help. Tyler, you made the fourth 
AW site, but yours was the only site to last the longest and include 
past issues, thank you for your dedication. I have to thank my 
parents for putting up with me. Even when they knew I had homework to 
do, they let me write the issue of the week, at times they were 
strict about it, but now it's over (you can stop cheering now
Thanks to K.A. for writing the incredible series that changed my life 
as well as my social life :-).
Even though they have NOTHING to do with AW and they can't read
I wanna thank Annie and Mrs. Niles grade 1 and 2 class at Mother 
Teresa, you have changed my life more than you can ever imagine (and 
so have the readers of AW).
It's going to be weird not spending my weekend writing
anymore. It's going to be strange not sending the newsletter out
Sunday nights. It's going to be strange not counting the poll
and copying and pasting the forum responses, and I'm sure
it'll be 
weird for you not receiving and reading AW anymore. One thing for 
sure is that my weekends are about to get boring :-) . Just
anything you want to, ANYTHING, you can do it. If you have passion, 
you can do anything you want, remember that!
Well, it's time to go, thanks again for everything. It's been
a fun 
                    See `ya,

Transmission terminated - -