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        WEEK OF MARCH 28, 1999

It's AW's 50 issue and First Anniversary!!! It's been one year since AW #1 was sent and I never knew it would be this successful. I would like to thank everybody who is an AW member, YOU are what makes AW successful!! AW now has over 400 members, and the 400 member is: gaba11gaba!! I have a great newsletter for you, the best ever, full of so many exclusives and enormously great info and surprises in this super special Megamorphs of an AW issue!! Please vote for AW in the favorite mailing list contest (I'm on the bottom of the list):
OH, and if you see a movie in the theaters in your free time, see Doug's First Movie!!

In AW this week I have a lot of surprises in store, give me your comments, and now READ ON ALREADY!!

I have TONS of really good book info, some you have seen and others you have not.

- Alternamorphs 2 might have a red-tailed hawk hologram on the cover. It might be on sale in May 1999!!

- This is a TOTAL EXCLUSIVE: K.A. is writing a new series, here are the titles of the first two!! Everworld #01 will be called "Search for Senn", the date published will be June 1999 and will be sold for $4.99. Everworld #02 is called "Land of Loss" the date published is also June 1999, the price is also. $4.99

- says that Erek the Chee will narrate at least one Animorphs book (this is unconfirmed, although likely). He says it will probably be one of the following: Chee Chronicles, Pemalite Chronicles, as one of the narrators of MM04, and/or a "special edition" (but not a Megamorphs or Chronicles) Animorphs book with Erek changing from his true form to his hologram human self on the cover.

- Info from Ziana: #39's cover morph is Cassie to something similar to a wolf (turns out its not a wolf, just a similar animal). So update you info if you posted that info.

- Thanks to Rachel an EXCLUSIVE sample chapter of MM#3 told by Cassie:

"You mentioned a deal," Marco said.

"Yes," the Drode said. "A deal. And here it is: The six of you will be allowed to follow the Time Matrix. The former Visser Four set off on his journey two days ago. You will be translated back to that point and then the quanta that make up your atoms will be . . . tuned. Yes, that's a good word for simple minds to comprehend. You'll be fine-tuned at the subatomic level to resonate with the movements of the Time Matrix as it travels through time. Your own memories and personalities will, of course, be buffered. Protected against changes."

<Resulting in what effect?> Ax demanded.

"Resulting in the effect that, like an echo, you will follow the Time Matrix. It plucks the chords of time and you reverberate." He stopped and shook his head in admiration of his own words. "Brilliantly explained, eh?"

"That's the deal?" Jake asked? "That's it?"

"There's something else, isn't there?" I asked the Drode.

The Drode laughed. "Oh, yes. There is something else, little Cassie. Cassie the killer with a conscience. Kill 'em, then cry over 'em. That's our Cassie."

"What's the something else?" I repeated, not letting the evil little creep see that his words had hit home.

"My master Crayak has demanded a price. A payment."

"A payment?"

"Uh-huh," the Drode said in a parody of coyness.


"One of you," the Drode said. "You can attempt to save your reality, put everything back where it belongs, end slavery, replace tyranny with democracy, millions of lives saved, let freedom ring, glory hallelujah in exchange . . . in exchange for one, single life."

"A life?" I asked.

"The life of one of you. That is my master Crayak's price: One of you must die."

- #s 32, 33, and 33 are probably a trilogy. About the Anti-Morphing Ray. Here is totally complete CONFIRMED EXCLUSIVE info from books #30-#35 thanks to Animorphers Coalition and the spoiler's page of this web page:

#30 The Reunion
Narrator: Marco
Cover morph: cockroach
Sample Chapter: Go here:
Coming to your bookstores in May

Marco's mom -- a.k.a. Visser One -- is back in town. But she's been demoted and her old position is wide open. And Visser Three wants it. It's a war triangle. And the Animorphs are in a position to use internal Yeerk politics to their advantage. But Marco has his own personal agenda -- and a choice to make.

#31 The Conspiracy
NOTE: a conspiracy is a secret plan to commit a crime
Narrator: Jake
Cover morph: peregrine falcon
Coming to your bookstores in June

After Jake's grandfather dies, he and his family must make a long trip for the funeral. However, the trip is going to be longer than three days - which will be a problem for Tom, seeing as how the Yeerk in his head needs to return to the Yeerk Pool every three days to collect Kandrona rays. In the end Jake must make the ultimate choice: save his father, or Tomů.

#32 The Separation
Narrator: Rachel
Cover morph: starfish
Cover quote: " Everything changes. But not quite like this."
Coming to your bookstores in July

The Yeerks are up to something, and it isn't good. They've begun building an Anti-Morphing Ray - a machine that can cause anyone in morph to de-morph instantly. Now the Animorphs have to stop construction before it's too late. But that isn't the end of their problems. While in starfish morph, Rachel was split in two - and de-morphed as two separate people. The Animorphs have to find a way to stop the psychotic-Rachel with evil tendencies and stop construction of the AMR - or else all will be lost....

#33 The Illusion
Narrator: Tobias
Cover morphs: Ax is morphing into a red-tailed hawk in an arch that looks like a sad face. On top of that arch is Tobias in human form.
Cover quote: " Change happens. Whether we like it or not."
Coming to your bookstore in August

The Anti-Morphing Ray is up and ready to start testing. The Animorphs have to stop this machine now before it's too late and the world is lost. So Tobias is chosen to be captured - since he's stuck in morph, the Yeerks can't make him de-morph. If this doesn't convince the Yeerks the project is useless and they abandon it, it will at least delay use of the AMR long enough for the Animorphs to destroy it. However, the Animorphs didn't think of everything. Now Tobias is in the hands of a nasty sub-Visser with a harsh means of persuasion and there may be no way to escape....

WARNING, this may be considered as a spoiler: Ax is going to morph a red-tailed hawk to impersonate (or be the "illusion" of) Tobias. So when the AMR hits Ax, he'll demorph an Andalite. Proving the "Andalite Bandits" are really "Andalites".

#34 The Prophecy
Narrator: Cassie
Cover morph: may be Crayak
Coming to your bookstore in September 1999
NOTE: K.A. said herself the Crayak IS coming back! A prophecy is like a prediction.

#35 The Proposal
Narrator: Marco
Cover morph: may be the Ellimist
Coming to your bookstore in October 1999

TIDBIT: The Visser Chronicles is also known as The Yeerk Chronicles, since a Yeerk, Andalite-Controller and Human-Controller will tell it!

- A comment sent in on Megamorphs #3, it didn't have a name: "I know this is late, but it's about the Animorph dying. I really hope it isn't Rachel cause she is my favorite. But it should be Tobias, because  he basically has nothing to live for other than the fighting.  Not Ax, either, he's lots of help with stuff like Sario Rips. Or Cassie, they have 4 boys and only two girls!!"

I have a lot of very good and EXCLUSIVE info!! First, Christin has sent in some info to think about: "I have some news - maybe. The Animorphs television show may (or may not) be canceled! At the official Scholastic Animorphs site, they're running a contest where the grand-prize winner gets a walk-on role on AniTV. However, I was reading through the 'official rules,' and it said (this is a direct quote from Rule 6), "In the event that Animorphs does not resume production, another Nickelodeon show will be substituted..." Is this a standard clause, or does it imply that AniTV is going under? We already know that Christopher Ralph (Tobias) probably isn't coming back next season, so perhaps they're not going to continue it at all. Who knows?"

All the below are EXCLUSIVES: Also, thanks to Sholias' Animorphs Page, I have a complete transcript of the Shawn and Brooke chat!! They say some pretty neat and upcoming cool stuff!! Check it out:

- Here is the complete info (with pictures) on when Brooke (Rachel) and Shawn (Jake) were in New York!! Go to for all the info!! There is some pretty cool stuff!!

- Below info is from Nick: "If you thought you were seeing double during the episode called "The Capture," (when Ax morphs into Jake and then shares a scene with the real Jake) don't worry. Shawn's real-life twin, brother Aaron, who's also an actor, played Jake #2. Shawn told us he and Aaron audition for the same roles all the time. "We used to get mad at each other," he said, "but then we learned there's nothing you can do." Some casting directors have even decided between the twins by flipping a coin. After spending so much time around animals, we bet they chose tails for Shawn!"

"Is There Life After "Animorphs?"... Production begins for the new season of "Animorphs" in May, but the cast had a few months off (TV types call it a hiatus) since shooting for this season's episodes ended. So what have Brooke and Shawn been up to in their downtime? Shawn took off for a three-month trip to Australia and Fiji, while Brooke headed home to hit the books -- even "Animorphs" have to go to school! She did take a few days off to appear in an episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" so look for her on the show this season!"

- Check it out, Animorphs Pictures thanks to Yongmoon:

- I have the real email address of Peter Messaline who plays the Ellimist on the TV show!! I might have an interview with him soon!!

Last week's forum topic was: how long should AW keep going? I got the MOST Forum responses EVER!!

"don't ever stop until there are no more animorphs."
- Paulwmore

" I really enjoy your newsletter, keep it going for a LOOOOONG time! :)"
~ Tina, AKA AquaMorphs

" I think AW should keep going until Animorphs stops going.  It's a great newsletter and I look forward to it every week.  Keep up the good work!"
- AlanJr0288

"I think AW should go on as long as Animorphs is going on. When AW is
over, Animorphs should be. There's no point in trying to carry it on
when the series is over.
- Ssstram10

P.S. AW Rocks! I have never found any more info than this."

"I think AW should go on as long as KA keeps writing and I can accept  attachments, thanx!"
- Matt Quick

"I think AW newsletter should go on for quite some time. It is the best animorphs newsletter ever!"
- Russell Joel Indran

"your newsletter kicks yeerk butt"
- swinger252

"I think that K.A.A should keep on writing until Animorphs  isn't as famous any more (as if and i am speaking on the behalf of everyone). well  got to run and safe the world. bye"

"Hey, I wanted to email you saying, this is a great Newsletter, keep up the good work!"

Thanks to EVERYONE who sent in their forum!! This week's forum topic is: Give me your comments on this week's issue! Please send in your forum to me at

Last week's poll question was: What past AW section would you like to see in every issue?

Games      7 votes
Fan Fic      1 vote

This week's poll question is: How many Alternamorphs should KA write?
Please send your poll votes to

In celebration of AW's 50 issue we have so much great information, you'll scream for joy!!

- This is a total X-CLUSIVE!! I emailed, Lance Seymour from GT Interactive and asked him about the Animorphs game, here is what he replied:
"We are still in the design phases of the game, and all I can tell you at the moment is that the game is scheduled for release sometime during the middle half of the year 2000."

- A few weeks ago, I posted info on the Animorphs posters, well now I have the stores where YOU can buy these posters!! Info thanks to Ziana:

They are available mostly in Canada, although they might be available in the US. They can be found at some of the following stores (all only Canadian except for Wal-Mart, but all the US Wal-Marts I've checked at have never even heard of the posters): some Wal-Marts, some Zellers, some Smithbooks, some Rogers, and other video and bookstores (mainly Canadian). Scholastic makes them.

- "These are un-confirmed rumors about MM#3 thanks to CHANAML
Rachel is the one who's killed, Tobias goes back in time to see his mom, and Eric the Chee destroys the Time Matrix after this little adventure. Rachel couldn't be killed, she's in book #32."

- Swinger252, has sent me the official Animorphs font!! It's VERY cool, I may write the whole AW in the font!!

- Want the email address of the Designer and Programmer of the Animorphs Game on the offical web page "The Yeerk Pool": Bill Aurnhammer, and the leaders of the upcoming Animorphs Video Game from Scholastic Entertainment? Your wish is my command, all you have to do is ask!!

- "The other day when I finished reading book #28, I thought about why the Animorphs don't morph animals that are sentient and how it made sense. But the thing is, Ax is sentient. He understands and reasons, like us.  And therefore, Cassie made the rule of the Animorphs morphing into  sentient creatures, such as Ax and humans. So why is KAA having them morph into Ax (and Cassie morphing into Rachel once again, as I then  continued reading your newsletter) if she made the rule of no one morphing a sentient species? I honestly believe that it's a rumor that  one of the Animorphs will morph Ax. And I also think it'll kinda ruin  the book of if and/or when they morph Ax or some other sentient species."
~ Tina, AKA AquaMorphs

"Hey, you know how you said that on #36 Jake has a rare dangerous Earth mammal morph? Well lemme ask you which is his favorite battle morph? Is the Tiger not also a rare dangerous earth mammal? It is rare, I can tell you and it is dangerous, and a mammal. Just thought I'd give you my opinion."
- Ronald Schatte

Ever wonder how AW is prepared each week and sent out to you? Well this new section will tell you how!! First, I begun with a fresh new WinWord document, I copy and paste last weeks issue into the new document and erase all the old stuff and put in the new stuff, like a new chapter from a continuing fan fic, saved info etc. Then YOU come in, you send me forum and poll votes and I copy and paste that into the saved document I have called AW #50! Then begins the real work. Yes, I do go to school and there I begin to look for information. I go to the same web pages EVERYDAY looking for updates and info. When I do find good info I copy and paste that into the newsletter. Fix some things up, do a spell check and voila, AW is ready for the week!!

How do I get members? Well from Nothlit's page (see web page of the week), people can send me their email address from a text box. When it's sent to me, I copy the address and paste it in my saved document where I keep all the 400+ addresses (I keep a counter of how many addresses I have). Then comes the tedious work. When I connect to the net and login to hotmail, I compose about 9 messages, I copy/paste AW then do the same for the addresses, but only 50 addresses can fit in one message, so I repeat it 9 times. And so ends a job that lasts the entire week, and I never get tired of it. "And THAT'S how it's done"

This weeks second new section, enjoy these games!!

Word mix-ups:

Last week, Marco was caught stealing five times. But he was never arrested. Why not?

Jake threw a basketball ten feet. It stopped midair, reversed direction, and came back to him. How can this be?

Rachel walked all the way across a small river without sinking in the water or going on a bridge. How?

Rachel wrote a single-word Christmas card for Tobias. What did it say?

Word Search:



Email me your answers!

Continuation of Meg's fan fic:

We will acquire the Hork-Bajir, fly to the new yeerk pool, and morph to Hork-Bajir. Once we get in, we will find a place to demorph, and morph to our battle mode, and then kick some butt."
Everyone nodded. It would be next Saturday then, at noon. Erek wouldn't be there, but the rest of us would meet at the barn. Ax left, as a human, until he reached the woods, and Tobias flew off. The rest of us went home, not to swim.

Chapter Two

It was Saturday, noon. We were all were at the barn morphing to birds. Tobias waited for us. Once we morphed, we flew to an old entrance, and like we figured, we found Hork-
Bajir Controllers. We all flew down and demorphed and remorphed as Tobias kept watch.
It turned out easier than we had planned. Marco, in his gorilla morph simply picked of one of the Hork-Bajir. Literally. He walked up and punched it, and then caught it so it
wouldn't make a sound from falling. The rest of us demorphed and
acquired the Hork-Bajir, then Marco demorphed and acquired the DNA. We left the alien there, and
flew off to the site that Erek had described.
We flew around looking for a while, but then I noticed the Controllers entering the
entrances had to give there names, we would have to do something about
that. "Jake-" Jake cut me off, "I see that. We will have to listen until we get names, after the
ones leaving give there names, we morph, and enter under those names. Simple."
It was simple, too. That is what we did. We flew high up, out of site, and listened,
we heard enough names, and flew to find a place to demorph and remorph. That was more difficult. The place was crawling with Controllers. We finally found a place, but we would have to hurry. We made it, though, and soon were Hork-Bajir controllers. Cassie was not happy with it, after all, they did have minds. Afterwards, we traveled as a group of six Hork-Bajir, unnoticed. We simply walked to the door, gave names, and walked in. It really was simple. Not simple with the it is quiet, too quiet trap thing. Just simple. A simple way to lose. Inside the building, we found Human Controllers digging, driving machines in the space of a city. I assumed holograms held the dirt up. I always have. The yeerk pool was already in use. Controllers were forcing heads of screaming people into the silver goo, and others voluntarily bent down. Some were fine until after they bent down, meaning the yeerk just left them to feed. If you were there, you would understand
how bad it was. Remember the Holocaust? Well, this was just as bad, in a way, not as
bad, for this is species against species, not humans against humans, but it is worse, in a way. The way that they were enslaving Humans. Us. Friends, family, people you cared about, loved. It was sick that the controllers showed no emotion to the screams, they ignored it. No love, no feeling. It was a scene that would haunt us for the rest of our lives.
We continued walking, not having any clue where to go, but we acted like we did.
We walked into a finished building. Inside it was gray cement, with tables. It was familiar.
It was a eating area, like the one we were in as roaches, when the Ellimist had saved us in his uncanny way. <I don't like it here,> I told the others.
<Is Xena scared?> Marco taunted.
<No, Xena did not say she was scared, she just doesn't like it here,> I retorted.
<We are going to pass through and go down that hall anyway. I think there might be a safe place to demorph there,> Jake told us. We followed him. He turned into a room.
It was empty. Not just of other beings, but empty of furniture also. The only object
in the room was a small box in the middle of the room. We quickly
demorphed and remorphed into our battle morphs. I morphed an elephant, big, powerful
elephant. Marco chose his gorilla, Jake morphed a tiger, Cassie a wolf, Ax and Tobias
didn't remorph.
<Let's do it!> I said to them, with the confidence of the elephant.
<Oh great, here we go again!> Marco rolled his gorilla eyes, a rather funny sight, if
we hadn't been so nervous. <Ok, let's go everyone. Try to take out walls, any computers, and the
Visser if you see him,> Jake instructed. <OK, GO!> We piled out through a wall.
Literally. I trumpeted our arrival. "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!" I heard Jake snarl, with Cassie by his side.
<Hey, Xena, can I ride you?> Marco asked me hopefully.
<I don't think so hairball.>
<Bring it on Big Ears.>
<I will kick your butt, come on!>
<Hey, knock it off you two, you can decide later over a game of Checkers.> Jake stated. <We have a bigger battle to fight now.> Everyone rumbled on. I found a wall, plowed it down. I saw Cassie ripping at some wires. Marco was punching anything and everything that got in his way, including computers. I saw a truck. A big semi. I rammed into it, knocking it over. Computers crashed out the backside. Jake
was fighting off Controllers for us, keeping us free to do damage. Ax's tail slashed over and over again, things fell, busted. Including other Controllers. He was helping Jake. Tobias was overhead, diving at eyes of any threats to us. I turned around, ready to ram something else, and saw the backup coming. <Time to bail guys!> I warned. Jake looked. <But first,> Marco said. I looked at him as he took two wire and dunked them into the pool, killing all of the yeerks inside. <OK, let's get out of here!> We ran for the nearest exit. Uh oh! Stairs! I turned around and fought as the others scrambled up. I started to back up the stairs, slowly as I fought. Tobias was suddenly fighting with me, and then Ax.
<Thanks  you guys!> We made it out and ran. Troops attacked us, now
that they knew we were there. Cassie suddenly went down. I picked her up with my trunk and kept running.
Ax suddenly said, <We aren't getting anywhere by running! There are too many of them, we need to fight Prince Jake.> <You're right Ax, and don't call me Prince.>
<Yes Prince Jake.> we turned and fought. They attacked us fiercely, suddenly we heard a voice, and we all knew who it was. <You were stupid this time, Bandits. I will win, now.> Then, to all the attackers, <Let them go, we will get them.>


This week's web page and web page creator has helped me since almost the beginning. I have even practically combined AW with his web page. It's one of the best web pages on the web (and one I have bookmarked). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, TNGtA: The Nothlit's Guide to Animorphs:
A really great web page, first best in my book! Great organization and info!! Naturally **** out of four.

Thanks a lot for reading. I hope you liked this weeks issue!! Please send me comments to me, Guillermo at

Two new books, with a total of 4 Animorphs books on the charts!!
BOOK CHARTS:                     This week | Last week
#27 The Exposed -                       45               30
#26 The Attack -                           99                 76
#28 The Experiment                      16               179
Alternamorphs, the First Journey   29               220

Next Week
Next week's issue will include:
- the usual, great info, fan fic, poll, forum, 'ya know. PLUS official info on MM#3 and #29!!

Last week's TRIVIA: What did Jake say he and Marco were shooting in class in the fan fic?
ANSWER: spitwads
This week's trivia question is: Name at least 2 exclusives posted in AW this week!

"And that's why they say Life Is Beautiful!"
   - Roberto Benigni on winning Best Actor and Best Foreign Film for "Life is Beautiful" in the Oscars!