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dispatched this week to 429 people, it's...

                        ~ weekly ~
                        ISSUE #75
            WEEK OF NOVEMBER 21, 1999

I got a lot of Birthday wishes from you guys, thanks a lot!! I saw the new Bond movie (it was okay), I also got some great presents!! Now on with the newsletter!!

* Always in AW! *

Not much this week (again).
This news is thanks to the CR Info Network (!!: The TV show will still be playing on Sunday, but now it will be on at 6:30 PM Eastern/Pacific rather than in 8:00. Although Nickelodeon is making made for TV movies, Animorphs is not going to become one of them. Here is a tentative U.S.A schedule for December (Face Off is the “The Sharing-basketball game-new Yeerk species-based on #13 and a little part of #29” trilogy episode):
December 5, 1999
"Face Off, part 1"

December 12, 1999
"Face Off, part 2"

December 19, 1999
"Face Off, part 3"

December 26, 1999
"My Name Is Erek"

Remember these airdates are not confirmed, so they may change.

Last week’s poll question is: if you were looking for a birthday present for Ax, what would you give him?
- a computer                                   0
- two dozen cinnamon buns             11
- a space ship so he could visit his family   1
- the 2000 Guinness Book of World Records  3

This week’s question: which chronicles has been the best so far?
Please send in your poll to me at with “poll” as a subject. Thanks!

This week’s forum responses for: what would Earth be like if Humans used 100% of there Brain (we only use 10% now).

“For some people I know, they couldn’t use 100% of their brain, cause they don't have one to use! Okay, any way, I think we would be more technology advanced and there would be more war. For example: Albert Einstein used more than 10% of his brain, (It's been scientifically proven.) and because of him, we discover nuclear weapons. Nothing against him, I'm all for Einstein. That wasn't his intention, but because of his discovery(ies) we created more sophisticated war tools.”
- Reana

“We'd all have ESP, and we'd be a class 4 civilization like the andalites, not a class 5 civilization.”
- Summerhush

“The yerks wouldn't have invaded and the Andalites would cower under our might!”
- Sabrina

“Talk about future, huh? I don't know, but I think by then the earth must have been a very modern place. A place where humans no longer need their physic bodies cause computer will do everything for them. And a place where visiting outer space is no longer a special trip. Who knows for sure? But if humans do use 100% of their brains, I'm quite sure they will be atheis. All of them. Why would they have faith in things like God if there's nothing they can't do by their technology? So, I think I prefer humans using only 50% of their brains...”
- Wina

“they'd be even dumber than be4 coz they have no brains and they'd probably not get into stupid traps (as always) and defeat V3 and the books would finally finish!!!! YAY!! Then geeks could finally another book series 2 b obsessed with.”
- Laura

“Well, actually humans use their whole brain. This thesis is miss-interpreted often. It was supposed to express that not all parts are used at once in a given point of time. Otherwise we could take out 90% of our brain without having any problems. God, I'm the master of useless information. :)”
- Torrey

“If we could use 100% of our brains, we probably would have telekinetic and telepathic powers, as well as having people who are good or bad, not just in between.”

“If Humans used 100% of their brains, there would be better living conditions, less-to-no war, none starving, and the Yeerks wouldn't be able to invade Earth.  Our brains would be too powerful for them to control.”
- Aphrodite

This week’s forum topic: Do you think K.A. is running out of ideas for her current, past (#23 and up) and future books? Why or why not? Send your forum comments to me at with “forum” as a subject.

- A lot of you sent in some complaints about Cassie’s H-B morph in #34, and I checked, Jake told everyone to acquire Hork-Bajir, so she acquired Jara Hamee, it’s on page 64. So the H-B on the cover IS a male.

- In #36 on page 140, when someone is thought speaking, it has the thought-speech symbol backwards. I guess someone overlooked that detail. There have also been are a lot of typographical errors reported in #36.

- You know the Wal-Mart contest that was recently held? Well AG was there and here is what he had to say!!: “well, I went to my Wal-Mart, and it was really stupid. at first they said I couldn't do it 'cause it was for little kids, like my 8 year old sister (ge'me a break! like kids that young are really gonna read Animorphs!! I haven’t heard of anyone reading it younger than 10!!) but they didn't see an age range, so they let me. the tattoo isn't even Animorphs, and the certificate looks really stupid (they didn't even GIVE me mine!) the never gave the winner (who btw had a half morphed toy) anything other than a certificate and tattoo. in fact, I never even SAW that other stuff! and the winner didn't really win 'cause the paws on the tiger were missing! I actually won... ~sighs~ anyway.... it might have been funnier if the ppl who were SPOSE to do it actually showed up ~glares at whoever was spose to do it~”
Thanks AG!!

- Here is an EXCLUSIVE NEW picture of K.A. Applegate!!:
and here is an another EXCLUSIVE K.A. Applegate Interview Transcript, which gives a little more great info on Animorphs!!:

- Elfangor262 discovered that so far, when you put all the Sanctuary passwords together you have "The key to change your world."

- I found the preview cover of #8, this pic was originally posted long a go when #7 was first released!! (just thought you’d like to know, if you’re interested):

- Here are some mistakes in Animorphs pointed out by Sabrina’s site:
- In #33, Taylor thought-speaks in page 133 and 134. On page 133, paragraph 9, and page 134, second to last paragraph.
    - Elfangor was called a Prince. But in #33, page 128, someone called him War-Prince.
    - Wonder what TV show Ax saw to make that impression he did on page 141, book #35.
    - In #35 Marco pooped on Tennant's desk, but Marco didn't seem to eat anything.
    - If Aldrea was dead, that meant she didn't have her translator chip. But she knew English when she inhabited Cassie.

Also, which book does this happen?: the Animorphs getting money for Taco Bell, but how did the kids get money when they were flies...? Does anyone know what book that’s from?

#35 The Proposal has made a very big drop to 113 this week, last week it was at 73.
Visser, this week is at 128, last week it was at 113.

This week’s Animorphact: is kind of a spoiler, so I don’t want to post it.

Nothing new was posted. But here’s an EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Calling all Sanctuary members, I am writing to ask you to mark your calendars for a very important date.  On December 18th, ALL friends of the Animorphs will be able to gather together online at the same time for a special one-time-only event.  I can't tell you more right now, but keep checking the Animorphs Web site (including the Sanctuary area) for more information this fall.

Planet X: Animorphs (click the logo on the page to enter)

Thanks for reading this week’s issue!! Hope you liked it, send all comments, forum, poll stuff and any information to
Thanks again and see ‘ya next week!,

- Guillermo

AndaliteF has sent in this quote:
"I never forget a face, but I'll make an exception in your case."
- Groucho Marx

Also, this from GirlieHawke AKA Gypsy:
"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."
- Albus Dumbledore, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer/Philosopher's Stone" by J. K. Rowling.

and last but not least:
Rachel: "Sliced me up like I was a ham.  Like I was bacon.  And eggs.  And some hash browns.  Dennys.  I'd give up shopping for a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast right now.  The one with the pancakes.  Get the hash browns as a side order.  Two sausage links, two slices of bacon, two eggs over medium, you know?  Not too soft and runny.  I don't like them soft and runny.  Maple syrup on the pancakes.  Has to be maple.  What kind of person puts boysenberry syrup on pancakes?

Tobias: <So I'm guessing you're hungry?>
-Megamorphs 2, page 120, Rachel and Tobias.

Sent in by Aphrodite!