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Welcome to the AW Awards 2001 Headquarters! The time has come again for the best of best to be recognized. So without further ado, let's get to the info.

This is the last time the awards will be happening as Animorphs is ending. Now, keep in mind that you DO NOT have to send in your votes for next week's AW issue, take your time and think about who you think should win. The winners will be posted in AW in about a month! The only rule is that no double votes will be counted, you must vote for one nomination and one only in each category.

Good luck to all the nominations, and thanks for voting in the AW Awards 2001!




My Survey (survey has 10 questions)
1. BEST FIGHT (#1 of 10)

Ellimist VS Crayak (final game in The Ellimist Chronicles)
Rachel VS David (#48)
Tobias and Loren VS the Yeerks (#49)
The new Animorphs VS the Yeerks (#50)
2. BEST BAD GUY (#2 of 10)

Visser One
David (#48)
Crayak (The Ellimist Chronicles)
Drode (Megamorphs #4)
3. BEST ALIEN SPECIES (#3 of 10)

the Ketran (The Ellimist Chronicles)
Taxxons (#43)
the Yeerks
4. BEST NARRATION (#4 of 10)

Cassie for #44
Rachel for #48
Jake for #41
Tobias for #49

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