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:: #46 The Deception
:: Book Two of Story Arc
:: Book Overview

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Narrator: Ax

Cover Morph: Ax to Human Fighter Pilot

Release Date: September 2000

Cover Quote: The Animorphs have never met Visser Two...until now...

Plot Summary: Everything is Changing... Again...

A quiet invasion.
Prey on the weaknesses of the human mind.
Seep in unsuspecting.

Until now...

The Animorphs and Ax have managed to contact the Andalite home world. But the battle is far from over. Visser Two has arrived on earth, and he's not happy about the state of things. He decides the best way to take over Earth is to have the humans destroy the people and the land the Yeerk's don't need. He decides to start World War III.

Ax and his friends know that Visser Two means business and there will probably only be two ways to keep him from destroying everything they know: Find a way to stop the war. Or, find away to stop him... forever...



:: Sample Chapter

Tobias kept careful watch from above. Marco hung over my shoulder.

And with the aid of Cassie's cell phone and my new, lime green iMac, I proceeded to reroute the Yeerk Z-space transmisions through the NSA's central computer.

"Federal prison," Marco said, "here we come."

<What's happening, Ax?>

I related the sequence of events as they occurred.

<The NSA is attempting to block out my transmission. Now they are receiving our offering. My code-cracking program.>

A few keystrokes. A moment of tension. Waiting.

"Ax, what's going on!"

<The NSA have halted their efforts to keep me out. Now, let's see what we find.>

<On thing, Ax-man,> Tobias called. <Uh, are you sure the program you sent these guys can't be used to decipher your own stuff? Or the Yeerks'?>

Slowly, I swung one eye stalk around and up to look at Tobias, perched on the branch of a tree.

<Okay, okay, sorry I asked.>

And then, suddenly, it happened.

The bigger, faster, more powerful machine, combined with my superior Andalite technical knowledge and skills...

"...The newly appointed Visser One, recently Visser Three, current leader of the Yeerk mission on planet Earth... has approved Operation 9466. Visser Two has undertaken a journey to Earth to assist in the execution of this long anticipated military action..."

"Bingo," Marco whispered.

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