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:: Meet the Stars of Animorphs
:: Book Overview

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Authors: Marie Morreale and Randi Reisfeld

Cover Photography: Steve Wilkie

Release Date: January 1999

Cover Quote: none

Plot Summary: The best-selling book series is now a hit live-action TV show!! And now, you'll get the chance to find out about your favorite characters, their stories on and off the set, and even get the real deal on what it was like to train and work with the animals.

Who accidentally stuck his fingers up a tiger's nose? Who fed a hawk a chicken leg? Who was completely "terrified" auditioning in front of a television camera? Who likes a certain type of "Turkey"? And whose funniest moment on the set involved another actor "flying" (sort of)?

Get the answers to these questions and more. But remember to be careful who you share the info with. You know who is still out there...



:: Synopsis

A complete, 144 page biography on all your favorite stars of the Animorphs TV Show! Including 16 incredible pages of color photos, this authorized biography tells readers everything they want to know about the television series and its stars.

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